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USA DV Lottery | 10 avantages de la GREEN CARD dont personne n'en parle!!!

Je partage 10 avantages de la green Card ou carte de résident permanent des États-Unis dont personne ne fait cas. Saviez-vous que la carte...

EB-5 – $500,000/$1 M Investor Green Cards – Part 2 – 8/14/2013

This session will delve deeper into the EB-5 landscape with particular focus on hot topics and tips on how best to avoid potential pitfalls...

New USA Green Card Rules 2021 / Family Base sponsorship New Requirements? What to do more now

Hi friends New US green card rules says that family base sponsorship will require more financial details periodic biometric submissions on the anvil. The US...

I526 Filing USICS Requirement, Green Card ~ EB5 Visa Startup Consultant ~ Ozg Lawyers, Bangalore

~ I526 Filing #USICS Requirement ~ #EB5VisaConsultant Startup Consultant ~ #OzgLawyers, Bangalore source

Q & A Session with America Darshan, H1B Visa, USA Green card, Salary of Doctors and Nurses in USA

Hello friend, This is a question & answer video for my YouTube family. I have tried to answered most frequently asked questions in this...

EB5 visa program 2020 , инвестиция с получением Green Card

EB-5 visa (Green Card), инвестиция в недвижимость с получением грин кард 2020. source

Wole Soyinka renounces US green card

JOHANNESBURG, 01 December 2016 - African literary icon Wole Soyinka says he's cut up and renounced his US green card, following the election of...
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