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What is an E2 Visa Part One

David Davis on EU citizens rights

David Davis MP reassures EU citizens that their rights to stay in UK will be protected after Brexit source

European Citizenship VETA Jéssica, David, Marta, Francisco PT

Video on how wrong stereotypes are. source

Over 80 South Africans Invest in Grenadian Citizenship. LIO Global Talks to Minister Peter David

Grenada's Minister of Foreign Affairs and Labour talks to LIO Global about the number of South Africans investing in Grenada for Citizenship. Contact maria@lio-global.com to...

The Portuguese Golden Visa, with David Poston

Portugal Homes news: - Information updated June 2020 | - Get a Portugal Golden Visa for 400.000€ | - Portuguese rural areas to acquire the...

6. The Greek "Renaissance" – Colonization and Tyranny

Introduction to Ancient Greek History (CLCV 205) In this lecture, Professor Donald Kagan discusses the emergence of a new style of warfare among the Greeks,...

EB-5 VISA INVESTOR PROGRAM – Daniel Casamayor and David Amaro

Please contact Us David Amaro Director, The Americas Capital Markets 78 SW 7th St Miami, FL 33130 (C) +1 202 714 0453 DAmaro@lightstoneinv.com Follow us on social media: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: source

Portuguese Golden Visa Changes for 2021, with David Poston

**UPDATE** Since the recording of this video, the Portuguese government released news regarding the changes that are not in this video. Read David Poston's...
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