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El Salvador Bitcoin Citizenship by Investment Coming

El Salvador New Potential Citizenship by Investment Program with Bitcoin
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In this video we talk about El Salvador and their potential new citizenship by investment program payable in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency of course. We discuss the potential requirements, timelines and if the El Salvador passport is a good choice for you as a wealthy expat. El Salvador has gained a ton of tourism and media attention since they made Bitcoin legal tender, and now they want to make it easy for crypto investors to invest in the El Salvador economy and get a citizenship / residency in exchange.

If El Salvador does come through with this program, I will be one of their first clients and will of course pay in Bitcoin for the passport.

Who is the Wealthy Expat?

The Wealthy Expat is run by Rafael Cintron, it’s a Youtube channel and vision dedicated to helping you lower your taxes, get a second citizenship, and travel the World to increase your freedoms and happiness. Rafael Cintron is a 7-figure entrepreneur who’s traveled to more than 60 countries, gotten multiple residence permits all over the World, and a second citizenship by investment. He is committed and passionate about teaching you these topics.

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DISCLAIMER: This video is not tax and/or financial advice. Any information or advice I give is purely based on my own experience and research. I am not a tax professional and/or lawyer and/or accountant so I am not liable for any steps you take to lower your taxes. I’m not a financial advisor nor do I pretend to be. Always do your own research.


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  2. The only problem with bitcoin is that it's hard to exchange back & forth between currencies, because it's exchange rate is so volatile. Now since there's actual goods & services you can exchange & provide, you don't have to constantly leave. You can earn bitcoin, fund demanded projects in el salvador, save, buy within the country & with all those who use bitcoin, & make an inevitable profit in the long run. As long as they free up the economy properly & wait for industry to be built, then this is a sure win. Based on their previous history, I doubt it, but let's hope.

  3. They still need to deregulate, add transparency of governance, cut public spending, & bid off publicly owned assets, land, & capital.
    Then they can start increasing savings, finance to build demanded private infrastructure, & lead to a surplus.

  4. Great stuff. I watch several youtube videos on how to trade in the market but haven't made any headstart because they are either talking some gibberish or sharing their story of how they made it and I do not want to make mistakes by taking risks in my own hands

  5. A small transfer of bitcoin to where exactly? Who will hold the bitcoin? What wallet? And does it have to stay in this wallet for 5 years? I'm not comfortable leaving bitcoin in a wallet held by anyone but myself, what makes you think you can trust the El Salvadorian government?

  6. Getting a new citizenship and out of the US is an ideal situation but El Salvador, no thanks. Just couldn't get me to actually live there and damn sure wouldn't live there for five years.

  7. Not just the citizenship but also El Salvador will have a free tax zone city, (Bitcoin city) on top of having not capital gains on BTC, it would be the perfect place to move a company or star a new one.
    As a Salvadorian, Italian, American, I don't have to worry about getting that citizenship 😉 and the country is very save, always has been save, specially for foreign, even the places that weren't that save years ago, are much better and people there are happier.

  8. Keep me informed with any changes in April at Bitcoin conference. I'm an expat living in Panama but interested in investing in El Salvador. Any suggestions of best areas to visit in El Salvador?


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