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BREAKING NEWS: NO Immigrant Visa For 67 Countries | No Green Cards, Work Permit For Many Countries

BREAKING NEWS: NO Immigrant Visa For 67 Countries | No Green Cards, Work Permit For Many Countries
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To get an immigrant visa—the first step in obtaining a green card or legal permanent residence—applicants must travel to a consular office for an in-person interview. This critical step is common practice in many nations. In others, applicants may have to travel a long distance to another consulate. In others, the US does not process immigrant visas at all, forcing applicants to get authorization to go to a third nation for processing.

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This lack of processing is not a result of COVID-19 closures, but simply a policy choice on the part of the U.S. Department of State In 2022, the State Department is indefinitely offering no routine immigrant visa processing in 67 countries. About 720 million people reside in countries without routine immigrant visa processing. The main alternate processing locations for these countries were an average of 669 miles away. Over the last decade, the State Department has issued over 400,000 immigrant visas to people from these countries

It almost certainly would have issued many more if not for this significant hurdle. You can find the list of the countries without an immigrant visa processing consulate. The list of countries is based on the list of nationalities that the United States recognizes for purposes of processing nonimmigrant (or temporary) visas.

List of Countries With Zero Immigrant Visas :

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  1. Well understand it…They're so far behind 😅 right now we got ileacal people come into America. This makes no sense…
    It backwoods. The people they want to do this locally don't get a chance….

    Need I say more?

  2. You do know none of this makes any sense now that most businesses operate by zoom. Why is USCIS operating like it's still in the horse and buggy days? They should make immigrant and non-immigrant visas immediately available by zoom in every country. People should be able to visit their loved ones and even immigrate to the US from wherever they are. This is nonsense

  3. I got a friend that's waiting on his interview his wife is wondering when Dubai is going to open up so they can go over there and get his interview done so he can come to the United States when are Dubai's going to open up for them to come to do their interview

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