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3 reasons I will never want a Green Card

While getting a green card used to be my dream, I recently came to the realization that the wise are giving up their green cards and moving to countries offering a better return, lifestyle, and opportunities. Here are my three reasons for no longer wanting a green card.

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  1. Green Card is only given to people who marry American citizens or cross the border illegally. For hard-working Indians, there are only – RFEs, questioning at the airport, visa denials, no visa appointments, country quotas, a 20-year wait for a green card, being forced to work till 1am every day because your i140 is pending and 60 days to pack your bags and leave, etc.

  2. On point number 3: even as a NON permanent resident , you can pay higher taxes. You become “resident for taxes” after being in the country for more than six years, even though you don’t have a green card.

  3. Most Indians wait 15 years or longer to green card, of course except those coming on eb1 or married to a US citizen. When you wait that long, what's big deal in following these rules for just 5 years ???while you still get all the perks of being a PR.

  4. You're too smart to slave yourself to the US. There is less freedom being a US citizen than people think. The so-called 'American Dream' is a sham, a lie, propaganda to lure the unsuspected to the US, where they're exploited constantly.

  5. Watch Nomad Capitalist, many of us entrepreneurs/high earners are running away from US, Canada, Australia. Those countries WERE great 20-30 years ago. Not anymore. Remember as US citizen/ green card holder you are taxed on global earnings, good luck if you think you’ll make tax free money in a tax haven if you’re a digital entrepreneur 🤓, also paying 6 figure taxes is equal in pain to being kicked in the balls and throat at the same time. Especially after you’re k*lling yourself to be successful, only to hand over all your labour to losers who complain that you “don’t pay enough “

  6. Please make a comparison video about USA vs. 'tax free countries'. Your videos helped me gain a lot of insight. Thank you so much for making these

  7. You missed biggest point indian who are normally 70% of international students will never get the green card you will be in h1b limbo whole life, due 7% cap on eb category, so indian should just avoid US if they want to settle outside of india.

  8. Guys don't be pessimistic with this video. Always gyans are given by those who have fulfilled their life. Secondly when you are leaving ur host country definitely there would be a vast difference between your life in your host country and your destination. One should be ready to pay the price if he's sacrificing something to achieve better life. Dont give up !!

  9. 1. Just saying for the first point I get that it is given for 5 years but for applying us citizenship you need to stay 2.5 years of 5. If you are out for more than 180 days you can file a form with uscis.
    2. Usually the taxes are high but the opportunity opening business is easy and you can get tax benefits way more than employee. Well, I get about paying taxes on worldwide income but usually it’s easy to get exemption if assets are less than 100k. It’s to target HNI usually. The only two countries which tax worldwide are USA and Eriteria.
    3. The third one is a valid point but easy to get out if you have a good lawyer and easy and deportation is pretty rare but again I’m not saying it may happen.

    Well great points to see the negatives but it just depends on what you eventually want.

  10. For an Indian citizen, the best thing is to get best of education available in a foreign land ( as a foreign degree helps to make Killing here) and come back to settle in your own country…full of opportunities & freedom…


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