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Portugal's Digital Nomad Visa, D7, and Residence Questions Answered with Ei! – 27th October, 2022

Gilda Pereira and Beatriz Ribeiro from Ei! talk about the requirements for Portugal’s two new Digital Nomad visa types and advice on which is right for you.

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0:00 Video intro
0:16 Introduction to Gilda Pereira
0:44 Introduction to Beatriz Ribeiro
1:04 Tell us what you do at Ei!, Beatriz
2:04 What is Ei!?
3:13 Can you tell us about the Digital Nomad visa?
6:30 What is the minimum wage for Digital Nomad visa and other requirements?
7:50 What about accommodation requirements?
8:25 What are the two types of Digital Nomad visas?
9:43 Any rental requirements for the 6-month Digital Nomad visa?
10:15 What are accommodation requirements for the residency Digital Nomad visa?
11:24 Is there an advantage to applying now?
12:15 Can the company be anywhere outside of Portugal?
12:39 Can I apply for a visa from Portugal?
13:44 Can we use annual income if it meets the requirement?
14:52 Can you have more than one employer?
15:15 Do we need permission to work from Portugal?
15:35 Can I apply from another Schengen country?
17:03 Clarification on Portuguese minimum wage. When will it increase?
17:46 Is the application online?
18:50 Is it the total or average income over the last three months?
20:31 Do we have to show short term contracts?
21:22 Will bank statements work for self-employed?
22:40 The London Portuguese Consulate wants proof of accommodation. Is this consulate specific?
23:45 Don’t rely on articles, ask an expert about NHR, visas, etc.
25:50 Do you have to leave Portugal to apply for a visa?
26:18 How much money does a family of four need for a Digital Nomad visa?
27:47 Can I apply for Digital Nomad then switch to a D7 visa?
29:17 Do I need an address for the Job Seekers visa?
31:08 What does this mean? Law No. 18/2022 of 25 | Dre, Article 58, 6 – With the granting of a residence visa, a pre-residence permit is issued, which contains information on obtaining the residence permit and the provisional allocation of tax identification, social security and national health service numbers.
33:34 What is the timeline for getting visa approval, traveling to Portugal, and preparing for SEF?
36:24 Will SEF have more staff to handle the new visas?
41:16 SEF offices around the world are delayed. What are visa processing times from the US?
42:39 If a person qualifies for D7, is there any benefit to choosing the Digital Nomad Visa instead, or should they stick to the D7?
45:13 Why does the Digital Nomad visa require four times the minimum wage?
46:23 Do I need a Portuguese bank account for the Digital Nomad visa?
47:22 Any advice on bank accounts in Portugal?


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  1. I am from India and meet all the requirements of this VISA including income.

    My aim is to eventually get citizenship. Would it be possible for you to make a video explaining what it needs to go from Digital Nomad Residence VISA to eventual citizenship.


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