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How to Renew Your Residency Card or TIE During the Alarm State (Coronavirus Crisis)?

How can you renew your residence permit or visa in Spain during the Alarm State? In this video we explain to you how.

Immigration renewal processes are being affected by the alarm state in Spain.

The crisis situation in Spain due to the coronavirus has caused the government to declare an alarm state throughout the country.

This means that restaurants, schools, gyms, cinemas, and many other places have been closed. Among them are the immigration police offices. And this has important implications for all those expats who are living in Spain.

In this video, we explain how to make the immigration renewal processes in the alarm state such as:
– Residence permit renewal
– Non-lucrative residence visa renewal
– Investors visa renewal
– Highly qualified visa renewal
– Student Visa renewal
– Self-employment renewal
– Work permit renewal

If you have doubts about coronavirus effects on foreigners living in Spain, you can find more detailed information here:

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    Spain's non-lucrative visa allows non-EU citizens to live in Spain if they can demonstrate that they have the financial resources to support themselves and their family. Our team can help you through the entire process of obtaining your NLV in Spain. We answer your questions in less than 24 hours! Contact us if you want a non-lucrative visa!..

  2. Does the travel ban of EU apply to students with residence permits ? I am stuck in Istanbul and my house is in Tarragona. I wanna go back to my house. My permit is until 30 August. I appreciate your answer.


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