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Five Ways to Get Second Citizenship in 2021: the Ultimate Guide

Are you in need of getting second citizenship this year? Pay close attention as Andrew explains the five best ways to acquire one in 2021.

Andrew Henderson and the Nomad Capitalist team are the world’s most sought-after experts on legal offshore tax strategies, investment immigration, and global citizenship. We work exclusively with seven- and eight-figure entrepreneurs and investors who want to “go where they’re treated best”.

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Andrew has started offshore companies, opened dozens of offshore bank accounts, obtained multiple second passports, and purchased real estate on four continents. He has spent the last 12 years studying and personally implementing the Nomad Capitalist lifestyle.

Our growing team of researchers, strategies, and implementers add to our ever-growing knowledge base of the best options available. In addition, we’ve spent years studying the behavior of hundreds of clients in order to help people get the results they want faster and with less effort.

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  1. I have two grandparents born in Ireland. They were quite preoccupied serving in WWII and raising a family. No one kept records! Can we get documents from archives? Does that qualify as "original" as stated?

  2. Fast track! Just need to win the Nobel Prize and move to a country that wants me.
    BTW, route is pronounced like boutique, mousse, bouquet, bourgeoisie ("bougie"), etc.; you're pronouncing it like the word "rout", which is different.

  3. just FYI… not the ones we thought?

    Top 10 most powerful passports (# of countries with no visa requirement to travel to)

    Japan (193)

    Singapore (192)

    South Korea; Germany (191)

    Italy; Finland; Spain; Luxembourg (190)

    Denmark; Austria (189)

    Sweden; France; Portugal; Netherlands; Ireland (188)

    Switzerland; US; UK; Belgium; New Zealand (187)

    Norway; Greece; Malta; Czech Republic (186)

  4. My Italian dual citizenship through ancestry took about a year. But I was lucky all the hard work on getting it recognized was done by my ancestors my mom already had it. It took one of my uncles about 5 years to get it processed. Italian consulates are hell on earth and getting an appointment even for a passport is a titanic feat. Also the bureaucrats there are super rude and seem to hate the very people they provide a paid service for. It gets very though when the Italian path is not from direct parent because they have some weird laws for people born before 1948 when Italy became a republic. Plus getting really old birth certificates, good luck 🍀 with that. While I was already a citizen I had to wait a year and some change to get an appointment to get a passport issued. I requested an appointment to get my passport issued in February 2020 and was given the appointment for March 2021. Luckily I took all the required paperwork (Correctly filled money order, rightly sized photographs) or my application would have been screwed and a new appointment would be necessary.

  5. Hi Andrew,
    I was born in Tbilisi Georgia. In 1990s letf country for USA.
    In couple years going to retire and concidering to retire back to Georgia. What are possibilities of reinstating my Georgian citizenship or getting residence permit?

  6. Drawing up a list of "easy" resident permits/visas that have a path to citizenship is very interesting to me. Andrew, would be great to see you do a video on this for 2021. Thanks for the great content as always!

  7. Those with Latin American parents, Filipino parents, or parents from several other countries, including the territory of Puerto Rico, can easily get their parents’ nationality and be eligible to apply for Spanish citizenship in 2 years. They could get into Spain using the non-lucrative visa, which seems to be the easiest and fastest one to get, provided that they have around €26,000.00 to €28,000.00 in the bank. You cannot work in Spain on this visa, unless you work remotely for a foreign company.

  8. I have been following both you and this second citizenship issue for over a year now, even though I'm already a dual citizen by descent. However, both my citizenship countries, the US and UK, seem to have problematic or clouded situations and futures; and now married to a Philippine citizen, I am looking for another citizenship both my wife and I could obtain, that mainly gets us visa-free access to most of the world, and allows us to consider a second or even primary home in a cool climate. The Philippines is nice, but you forget what cold, or even cool, feels like after a while.

    While I would love to pursue Norwegian citizenship by descent through my paternal side, that depends on my great grandparents, and when they left Norway in the 1880s, it was part of neighboring Sweden. Naturalization in Norway, however, remains an interesting possibility.

    I am also attracted to both Portugal's Golden Visa program, and eventual citizenship there. At least the Golden Visa would eliminate recurring European tourist visa applications for my Philippine wife each trip, as well as new Schengen visas which are apparently being slapped on Americans as well.

    For now, I will continue to watch your videos, and plan a global trip post-Pandemic to see what areas of the world appeal most to us, and which offer optimum prospects for residency and eventual citizenship.

  9. Italy was relatively fast for my (brazilian) wife to get her italian citizenship recognized. Adding the research, documentation gathering and preparation (notarizations, apostilles etc) to the period of stay in Italy (45 to 60 days avg) for the whole “ritual” (i.e. vigile’s visit, obtention of the “codice fiscale”, driver’s license validation and then “il pasaporto”) took her a little less than a year….

  10. Is there by any chance a half german, half filipino that has gone through the process of getting his second passport by descent ?
    I know that is pretty specific but if you are here, I would greatly appreciate some help 🙂

  11. Can you please do a video on the "best" low tax countries for crypto traders for families/long stays? When I look at the options available, it often seems like there are different rules for active traders/"professionals" vs just buying and selling here and there/holding like the average individual. For example, from my understanding, Portugal does tax you if you're main source of income is from trading crypto, so it isn't truly 0 or low tax. Which is a shame because Portugal looks like the best option if you want to be in Europe, with good views/city life.

  12. If I would do residnece by investment I would go to Italy,nice people, great food,and I have made a few friends over there. Or I would go to France, but both are to expensive for me. I would never give up my American citizenship, I was born here and it is a passport to most countries in the world. At this age when I save up some cash what would I do go to Punta del Este and chase hot girls in Bikinis , I am already 45 too old for that.

  13. I heard if a member of your family or ancestor died in the holocaust you can get a German passport. I don't know if the guy who dies during the holocaust had to be a resident of Germany or just someone who was killed during the holocaust

  14. I'm more of a "putting down roots" and "cabin in the woods type" than a nomad, but I see a lot of potential downsides to US citizenship. Thoughts on good places to go for people who don't intend to travel a whole lot, and would like to have a bit of land (privacy), but nearby a small community of friendly people?

  15. Pro tip: Once America goes down, every single country in Latin America is going to slip into a third world violent hellhole. Go somewhere in Europe without a lot of diversity if you want stability

  16. I'm an Aussie citizen. I have Korean PR, and I am applying for Serbian citizenship as a descendent of an emigrant. I may get Korean citizenship later as I am considered a marriage migrant, Korea allows me to keep my existing citizenship(s?). Turkey is the only cbi that I am interested in but I'd have to do it before the Korean as Koreans taking another citizenship lose their Korean citizenship.

  17. My great grandfather is from Poland/Ukraine border and my great grandmother is Austrian/Polish but it seems to be really convoluted on if I qualify or not. I feel with the option to work remotely now, does it really matter if you're paying your rent/mortgage? Btw I'm not super well versed in how that would work but logically…


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