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COVID-19: Vaccine passports set to be introduced as Spain & Greece to open up to British tourists

COVID-19: Spain, Greece & Portugal to open up to British tourists as EU discuss vaccine passport scheme

EU countries are set to remove their blanket ban on visitors this summer in a move which will bring hope to millions of British tourists.

Officials in Brussels are discussing allowing countries with high vaccination rates to visit Europe, most likely from June. EU sources say Brits will be amongst the first to be allowed to travel to the continent due to the UK’s highly successful vaccination programme.

It is believed Spain, Greece and Portugal are pressuring Brussels to open up Europe’s borders to tourists as soon as possible. All three countries’ economies are highly dependent on British holidaymakers, and may choose to open their borders without approval from EU leaders.

Greece has already said British tourists can enter the country without having to quarantine on arrival, and will welcome travellers as their tourism industry reopens on 15th May.

Leaked documents show Israel, the UAE and Britain are among the first countries which will likely be allowed entry into the European Union this summer. The European Commission have said they will have a vaccine passport scheme ready by the end of June.

In Britain it is currently against the rules to travel internationally unless for an essential reason, though ministers are looking to relax these restrictions on 17th May. Boris Johnson is set to implement a traffic light system, where countries are ranked green, amber or red depending on their coronavirus rates and vaccine programmes. Travellers returning from green countries will not have to quarantine on arrival, however will still have to take several coronavirus tests. The government has faced criticism for potentially increasing the price of foriegn holidays by £100s by forcing British tourists to purchase their own coronavirus tests.

Meanwhile the travel industry has been informed by the government certificates for fully vaccinated Brits will be made available by as soon as next month. It has been suggested that those who are protected against the virus will be able to avoid quarantines and tests when travelling abroad.

Steven Edginton, The Sun

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  1. Lol. What matters to the government is the money flowing in. Conveniently ignoring the fact that vaccines can only reduce the severity and no way effective in reducing the transmission in a lowly vaccinated population. Do they want a newly mutated strain now?!

  2. No one will be coming then apart from a few oldies. No one under 50 until August, September as nobody will have had both jabs and nobody who has kids. Basically they have bankrupted themselves.

  3. Can't wait to see it all go terribly wrong come the autumn. At least they won't be able to blame normal thinking non health passport ID people when the so called 'virus' and 'variants' are claimed to be rife here. When will people realise that they are setting themselves up for more lockdowns .

  4. THANK GOD FOR WORLD LEADERS WITH COMMON SENSE! let's see how the antivax freaks will foam at the mouth from all the preventable diseases they chose not to immunize against after seeing this piece of news lmfao

  5. In Greece waiters will secretly spit on your food if you dont speak to them well. Its a new 'trend' that happens much more often than you would think. They are paid and treated very badly by their employers and this is why this happens so often. Be prepared also that hospitals are crap so if anytning happens with Covid19 or any new mutations you will be in trouble.

  6. Human Rights have word right in it, and that means human rights stand for right-wing extremism and white supremacy. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that we ban and cancel human rights!
    – average reddit/twitter user

  7. For those ignorant souls who refuse to get vaccinated, I would say stop listening to the conspiracy numpties there are no meat products in the Jab and you cannot avoid Covid by standing on one leg chanting The alphabet, it so sad to see.
    Its shame the UK government didn't bring in Passports for everything apart from food shopping.

  8. Too right if you want a summer holiday abroad you should have to buy tests why put the rest of people who are holidaying at home at risk because of your travel. I don't care if that makes your holiday more expensive stay at home then like the rest of us

  9. Dont understand the problem, we have to get other vaccines if we go to the far east, Africa, and the middle east ( not to sure if its required or recommend?) it just Europe we have never had to.

  10. In that case… we the public will issue ' LFC ' certificates ( Lying Fascist Collaborator ) to all government officials, politicians , police, border control etc etc for supporting and implementing this insanity.

  11. One thing this pandemic has showed me is who does and doesn't have regard for mine and others well being. Obviously some folks care more about having a good time rather than preventing the spread of a highly infectious form of SARS coronavirus. We see clips from India and Brazil and people still don't get the message or think its a hoax, HELLLOOO! am I living in the worlds biggest sitcom right now because people are becoming so pathetic in their actions that's its hilarious.


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