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Serbia 2021 – We Went House Hunting in Serbia (Cost of living in Serbia)

We went house hunting with our friends in Serbia. Serbia is a country that has an affordable quality of life and Residency is allowed to home owners. Home can be quite affordable even for those on a low budget.

If you wish to contact Dale to help with finding an investment property home for you email him at:

To contact an attorney regarding Serbia Residency or Serbia Law Email: nemanja.andjelkovic@andjelkoviclaw.rs

We began our retirement in March of 2020 with the intent to travel the world, spending 1-3 months in a country or location. We want to see what it’s like to live there and not simply visit, and we want to share these experiences and the costs with whoever wishes to follow along.

If your looking for a place in Europe to live or retire Serbia may be an option, stay tuned and follow along.

If you are new to AirBnB use this link to save up to register and you can save up to $65 on a qualifying stay, and we may get a $30 credit on our stays.

We will make a commission on these links, your rates are not impacted.

Novi Sad Serbia AirBnb

Belgrade AirBnb

If you are interested in our travel luggage here is the suitcase we call Big Blue:

Here is our Grey suitcase:

Here is the Selfie Stick used by Warren:

Dog backpack:

Julie and I retired early not by luck but by planning.
One of our spokes to our wheel for savings, and now an income stream
is Fundrise. Basically we are invested in many apartment complexes around the country.
We get a portion of the rents in the form of dividends, and growth in value with the appreciation
of the properties. We currently have selected an income REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust)
which historically pays between 7.5% – 9% annually in dividends. You can chose a balanced REIT which has a split between appreciation and dividends or a REIT where it’s focused on appreciation and not dividends.
Check it out to see if it’s a fit for your savings, or retirement strategy. Feel free to share this with those you feel may benefit from this program.

If you wish to contact us email: warrenjulietravel@gmail.com

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  1. Ask 100 Serbians if they would rather live anywhere else in the world and 99 will say "please get me the fxxk out of here". No one wants to visit here. Remember the rule location location. This is a bad location and will be in 10 years time. Also remember that Serbian locals are well connected and would be buying this sxxt if it was worth anything at all.

  2. Just a matter of time before investors and developers come in and scoop it and eventually ruin it. Sort of like Kiev and opportunist investors

  3. If i was the owner of the house no.2, I would not accept any bargain. By the way, you cannot find nor buy larger piece of property then 1.2 acres to be designated for housing, so this could be opportunity to have your own garden in Banat village. Water supply differs from place to place and could be very useful to obtain data in this respect.

  4. Hi I am Rohit Sohan Singh from India I want buy property in Serbia please tell us rate.
    I want in village in Serbia to make retreat centre for Indian.
    And I need TRC. My contact number +919837128793 what'sup and rossing12312@gmail.com

  5. What a awesome video, my family is german, but they were from Zrenjanin. Nowadays I'm leaving in Brazil, so when i started watching this video it was like traveling back in time to see inside those houses, thank you for sharing it!

  6. Hi!
    I'm very pleased to learn that some people from abroad want to settle and live in Serbia, while, in contrast, many Serbian citizens emigrate abroad…
    I presume that, depending on foreign income, everything makes the things easier and life in Serbia more comfortable.
    I wish you all the best and good luck with your adventure! 😊

  7. You can find here some dirty cheap properties, becouse there is not enough demand now. Ppl are struggling for decades here, and salaries are little and is hard to afford a house, especially if you are not virtual worker in some way. Buying the land and making that house with all other buildings there can EASILY get u to spend 100k!
    For everyone who has money, and are retired or have a online job, it could be heaven.

  8. The last one would be great to setup a Finca like they do outside Medellin. Colombia. You buy a farm and pay local farmers to run it for you and build a separate small place on the land for yourself or for them. Normally you live in the city but come out to the farm to get out of the city occasionally and the famers make a living off the produce.

  9. These are OK for such low price but I don't know what all you'd have to do to make it a good investment. These days you can build a nice tiny home on a great spot and put it on airbnb and do very well. The last home was great!

  10. the number two house would be very good to do a big garden and use the second non livable space as a farmers market of sorts since there could be eggs as well, that could be a good source of spare money

  11. Man, you guys have no idea what you buying, that kind of house and household it's something that is made to last, it's there for 100-150 years, maybe more!And, that place Perlez is founded by Spanish Jews refugee's.

  12. Ich bin Serbin aufgewachsen in der Schweiz. Lebe jetzt schon 10 Jahre in meiner Heimat, bin mit 25 zuruckgekehrt. Ich finde das Leben hier auf dem Land viel unbeschwerter. Habe es nie bereut. Wir konnten uns eine grosse Eigentumswohnung kaufen, dann noch ein riesiges Landstuck. Dass haette ich mir in der CH nie leisten konnen.


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