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Get EB-5 Seminars (2019)

The EB-5 immigrant investor program gives a qualified foreign investor the opportunity to obtain permanent U.S. residency (green card) in exchange for making a $500,000 job creating investment in the U.S. Register for an event here:


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  1. HURRY, Beat the EB5 increase with special eb5 funding offer: ACT NOW 🙏

    Amount of EB5 investment has gone up from $500k to $$900K and $1million to $1.8 million effective 21 November 2019. No more speculation but a FACT now.

    With new TEA definition, over 90% of current eb5 projects offered by regional centers, may not qualify once the new regulation is implemented in a few weeks, so please do your due diligence.


    We do have a very Limited SPECIAL Offer for 50% funding towards your eb5 investment . So you put in $250k and we can offer funding upto $300k (includes $50k admin fees) towards your eb5 Investment. It’s a very limited offer for qualified, genuine investors, limited in number and subject to successful interview & your actions to fund escrow.

    If you are having “short term liquidity problem -say 6 months” to get to $250k, then also you can discuss with me. If your case is genuine, we may be still able to help you.

    Our funding solution within USA, can help solve your liquidity and source of funds, problems.

    Project Features:

    (1) It is a “Direct Equity” project and not a “Regional center” project. Which means you own “Preferred Equity” shares directly in business and you are not a “Glorified lender” in the Regional Center project.

    (2) You get preferred equity of 2% per year for 5 years and as a owner of business you have direct security, access to detailed financial information about performance of business (as owner which you cannot as lender).

    (3) It’s a new commercial enterprise, with the business being over 70 year old, is in manufacturing, owns large parcel of land, buildings, equipments, 15 patents and its production cost to market is lower than “imported cost from China” with the latest investment in IT and robotics. This is before “tarriffs” came in.

    (4) Business has no outside debt, no union issues, everything is freehold and it’s just ready to scale up in a big way. US government has already “granted” it over $4 million dollars for resurrection of USA manufacturing project.

    (5) Business has very strong management, backed by a major venture fund and is able to assist genuine eb5 investor’s with liquidity or source of funds issues with a 5 year interest only loan with certain conditions.

    As a Director of Investor Relations for the above project, I invite all the genuine eb5 investors to contact me and I am confident that I can find a good solution for you.

    If you know someone, who can benefit, please refer them to me.

    WHY USA?

    USA is the most happening place in the world today. It’s over 25% of world GDP. President Trump has lowered corporate taxes from 35% to 21%, constantly cutting down on red tape for business, there has been a surge in business investment, lowest unemployment and the economy is booming. It’s great place for business, lifestyle, safety, stability, professional fulfillment for the investor and their families. Eb5 gets you the permanent residency/Green card for the family leading to American citizenship and passport.

    They call it “The American Dream”.

    MY CURRENT TRAVEL PLAN- India & Dubai:

    Mumbai: Wed 11, Thu 12 & Fri 13

    Nagpur : Sat 14 & Sun 15

    Ahmedabad: Mon 16, Tue 17, Wed 18 & Thu 19

    Bangalore: Fri 20

    Hyderabad: sat 21, Sun 22, Mon 23 & Tue 24

    Pune: Wed 25 & Thu 26

    Mumbai: Fri 27 & Sat 28

    Dubai: Sun 29 & Mon 30 My EB5 Visa Director With Indepth Knowledge of EB5 Process Above Mention Date Director Will Meet On Dates& LocationWant To Know More About EB5 Contact Me WhatsApp Me On +919773992412.
    Chavan Mayur India.


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