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12 Best Countries to Retire Comfortably with Low Cost of Living

If you’re considering retirement abroad, you need information, and you need lots of it. But more than that, you need guidance on how to interpret that information. In many cases, you could decrease your monthly expenses, perhaps significantly, simply by relocating to a new country. Depending where in the world you choose to retire, you could enjoy big savings on housing, and other expenses. There are many tempting places in Europe, Latin America and Asia where you can live large on a small budget. You’ll also need to consider the visa application and residency process for moving to these countries. The countries mentioned in this video are some of the best option for retiring comfortably with low cost of living and access to healthcare. These countries are catching on quickly by attracting retirees with enticing retirement plans.
So here are 12 Best countries to retire comfortably.


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  1. I was born in Vietnam, been in the US for over 30 year. Now I find it hard to go back to live there even though I know the language and the culture. It's worth to consider though. Maybe it takes time to get used to. Living expenses are high in the U.S. and I would like to retire early like by 50 years old. and enjoying life, not slaving away life until 60'ish.

  2. Greece is a wonderful country to visit, but a couple can not live with 1580$ per month (1300euros). Off course it depends on where you live, but generally the prices to rent a house are high enough. Plus electricity, water, heat, etc fees. It is very different to be on vacations in a country than live in every day. The average amount a couple needs to live in Greece is about 2500$ (2000euros).

  3. I am glad you never mentioned Spain a country where your home can be demolished easily and your bank account blocked. With ever changing laws high bureaucracy very low efficiency in all sectors extremely noisy, hidden costs, shocking electricity bills and above all don’t like foreigners only their money. Stay away from Spain thousands of people have been made homeless including myself for faults of not our own

  4. As long as it’s retirement , because u paid up member of uk tax .
    As for them 25 year old or those that work live and don’t pay tax .in uk .
    Don’t yip don’t come back to uk an sponge of us paid up members of the tax system .
    I know because as a Fi kin social worker seeing the hike of folk I deal with . Who com back after 4 years in Philippine or Canada . Just because ur born in uk

  5. Uruguay is the best country to live in South America standards of living is higher compared to other Latin America countries , I don’t recommend Philippines,Malaysia,Portugal,

  6. nothing but shit! no real info! visa and taxes will kill all those dreams! and crime violence and frindly is no one!
    if you have 2400 usd you donlt need high crime countries with low sanitation, bad whatever and crime!

  7. The Philippines is the Best country to retire, Low cost of living, Happy & Friendliest people, Spectacular landscape, dozen's of amazing beaches and many Big or one of Biggest Malls on the Planet.Awesome country.


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