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Usa Greencard interview, Dv successful interview experience #Episode_5

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  1. Let me ask you jones the bank statement was from his account or given by someone. Because before when you win a green card your were given a bank statement by someone meaning a member off your family

  2. Wow that's a great experience. But what if someone doesn't know anyone in the US who can host him/her and also doesn't have enough money to show as bank statement. What can you do in that case?

  3. I i have affidavit, can 5000 dollars work if a bank statement is also requested. And my guardian was so happy to hear about my process for the green card, when i asked him for docs as my host, he sent everything immediate, but the 1-134 form he used will expire in Feb 2021, my question is, can it be allowed for interview in case am scheduled in May? Or i shall have to ask him to complete another one in case its online updated with a current date? thank you.

  4. Great work done Matt. I am a DV 2021AF00021xxx, I sent my documents in Sep with out being requested for them by KCC, i got the automated email, after 6 weeks i sent an email to KCC inquiring whether my documents were received. i still got the automated email. I feel like i should wait until i get an email from KCC, please advise.

  5. I am a 2021 DV winner. I submitted my DS260 on August 23. Till today I’ve not receive an email from KCC to send my documents. Does it take that long for KCC to review DS260?

  6. I am not a winner,but watching your videos give me some goose bumps. Hope i'd also be the one sharing my own expérience like that. Stay bless bro and thanks for sharing…keep it up!

  7. This is a helpful video to me esp coz of the Bank statement part.
    Just wondering, what if someone has certified Stock Shares Statement or Sacco Shares Statements worth about $15K that can be liquidated, do you think that can work also??


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