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My Apartment in Grenada (Off Campus at St. George's University)

Welcome to my place! This video show’s my apartment where I’m living in Grenada. I’m living off campus since I have my cat Toulouse here with me. It’s not much, but typical to a lot of houses here in the islands.

Dorm life:
Off campus Life:


FACEBOOK: Brittney Kilgore
INSTAGRAM: @thatvetbk

About me: My name is Brittney Kilgore. I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA and am an alumni of the University of Georgia (UGA). I am currently a veterinary student at St. George’s Univeristy. SGU is located on the Caribbean island of Grenada. Although I’m a vet student now, I’ve been a vet tech for years. As I achieve my DVM, I’ve started this channel to document and share my life. I hope to oneday practice small animal / feline medicine. Until then, hope you enjoy my journey!


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  1. Hi, i am a peruvian living in Moscow as a student doing international relations but i am focused more on languages and teaching them, i have a russian girlfriend and we are planning to live in Grenada after the quarantne is over, please can you tel me how much is the rent for lliving in ana partmant like yours? or at least the minimum x month. We are very interested on your answer please salutations and success!!

  2. Hi Brittney, I am looking into the option of living off-campus if I decide to attend SGU. Would you mind sharing approximately how much students would spend on off-campus housing monthly?

  3. Can you buy a car? Is renting expensive? My daughter was just accepted. She from Georgia. I’d like to prepare her as much as possible. Thank you for the video!!!

  4. They are NOT smart if they live on an island with that many cars when that defeats the point of living island life. I hope you keep walking like I do there even though I was born in 🇬🇩 I have never 🚗

  5. Such a beautiful view! Girl you're living my dream (- the studying part, I think I'm done with that part of my life…maybe) but the living in the islands part! Currently researching which island to make my next move! Have you experienced the Spicemas carnival there yet? I'm thinking about visiting this upcoming August?


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