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Anti-corruption protest in Nicosia

After lawyers and officials involved in the Cyprus passport scheme were exposed as corrupt in an undercover video, hundreds of people gathered in Nicosia to protest. (This was a day after the scheme in its current form was scrapped, but the day before the president of the House resigned under pressure.)

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  1. Cyprus has always been run by a corrupt elite. Same as the UK same as the USA and every other country built on economic gain and wealth before people's well being and good. Its a disease that all humans who get power catch. Its called GREED. Welcome to the capitalist system.

  2. Dear Balkan brothers. In my country we also have corruption, BUT there is so much we can learn from you. I am so proud of you! "Of course, this is Cyprus" needs to be copyrighted. Otherwise, somebody else will register and say: "Of course, this is India", "Of course, this is Nigeria"….


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