Hello everyone! This video is all about my green card interview experience. We will be talking about all the interview questions, documents/proof that we brought and submitted, as well as the most important tips and advise.

We were not separated during the interview. ? The lady officer was very nice and sweet!! She only asked us basic questions and some yes/no questions from the I-485 form. She didn’t ask me for a new medical examination form (which I’m glad about because I never thought about taking another medical examination when my interview was scheduled).

Our interview went very easy and smooth, but everyone will have a different experience – it’s a case to case basis. Just stay positive and come prepared.


My green card was mailed to me 10 days after my interview.

YOU WILL BE APPROVED AS WELL! ??? Goodluck everyone!

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  1. This is the best interview tips ever. No one can do better than this. Thank you. It was clear specific precise and full of content. I will definitely recommend it to anyone I know that is in this situation. Thank you again good job ??????

  2. Hi. We submitted 2 forms (I-130 and I-485) at the same time. We had a marriage interview 2 months ago. Form I-130 was approved. But we have not received the green card yet. How quickly did you receive your green card?

  3. Hi. When you got your letter stating the date and time for your interview, was it within a week, month, couple of months that the interview was scheduled? Thank you.

  4. Thank you pretty dear for sharing your journey with your green card interview, and thank you for the tips!??congratulations ????I’m still waiting for my interview and it’s been 6 months waiting for my work permit and Social security number as well hopefully i can have an update soon from the uscis ???

  5. I’m just saying. No disrespect to no one But when I see an American guy married to a foreigner. A Latina or for Asia or from India. They are more happy. Besides they are beautiful those women have a different and many times a better attitude they take pride in taking care of the house and their man they love to have children and overall. They are grateful for life

  6. I have EB1-A I-485 AOS case. Just got the “case is ready to be scheduled” notification – could you tell me if they can still waive the interview from this point?

  7. Hello, i hope you don't mind me asking. How long have you been together before getting married and before filing the adjustment of status? We're having our interview next month and we're nervous lol

  8. It was super useful to see this video before my interview. We dressed up so formal, like if we had a job interview. Although my experience was so different than the ones I’ve heard about. First, I am the applicant and they didn’t interview my husband. Even though I was so nervous about it, I just breathed and took the control by acting just like I am: 100% RELAX ? It was only the Officer and I. She only asked me about my contact information and I don’t know how we ended up talking about trips recommendation and that was it! We prepared tons of documents, pictures and videos about us but she didn’t ask for them in the interview. At the end she told me: See you in three years for your citizenship test. That made me feel so happy!
    Since we sent the i485 until the interview (in Covid-19 season) the whole process took eight months. But I do give the credit to this video. Thank you ?

  9. Thank you guys for sharing. You're such a beautiful couple. Congratulations.!!

    I have a question. I have submitted all photos, prove of relationship like joint accounts before interview. Will it be needed again at the interview? Or it will be new information that occurred while waiting for an interview??

  10. Passed our interview today!! Ours was super easy.. only because I think my husband and I are both Philippine natural and we met in hs there.. 10years relationship.. and he’s now Canadian and I’m the US citizen.. with all the documents that was listed to bring on the interview.. he laughed at me because I have cute sticky notes tabs on my documents, he said I’m more qualified than him lol the officer only took his passport copy and the visa copy and marriage certificate and ofcourse very importantly the JOINT tax return and he asked if there’s anything else we want to give anything so I handed him pictures of our wedding(which he liked ?) I also asked if he needed our joint bank account and asset he said no need since we basically already passed the beneficiary stuff? Idk haha he re-verified make sure everything on the paperworks we sent last time was still accurate and no changes and he jokingly ask well I guess I just need to ask some personal questions like do you have a pet haha and if we’re planning to have kids .. that’s all lol and he explained that we should get his gc in 1-2weeks.. very friendly and funny officer ? we’re very lucky .. I’ve heard some bad ones

  11. You look so pretty and I loved how you explained everything,, it is so clear and very positive. I am preparing my files as well and your tips would be very helpful for me in the future. Thanks a lot.


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