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Gaining Spanish Citizenship

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In this video I’m just giving a general overview of the ways one can get Spanish citizenship just like I did in my video about getting a visa.

Information about Spanish Nationality from the Spanish Government website:

Requirements you need to apply for Spanish citizenship:

All the information you need for the Spanish Nationality test (CCSE) and the A2 Spanish test.

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  1. I just stumbled upon this video now but as far as I know with Sephardic Jews, you need to be in Spain for 5 years. The only ones that really need to be in Spain for 2 years are the ones from Latin American countries, Andorra, Portugal, Equatorial Guinea, & the Philippines.

  2. Hi, I have dual citizenship with the US and Mexico. If was to become a citizen of Spain through a Latin American country like Mexico will I have to renounce my American and Mexican Citizenship?

  3. I know this doesnt apply to most people, but if you are from Puerto Rico (U.S territory)like me you can get a Puerto Rico Citizenship which is only recognized by Spain and with it you can get Spanish citizenship in 2 years instead of 10 years.

  4. The institute of Cervantes is the only institution that the Spanish Government will accept. You cannot take the Spanish exams with another school. Once you pass the Spanish and the CCSE exam you have to present both certificates (they last two years before they expire).

    Also it could take up to one year for the entire application process to be approved.


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