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The day has come! The UAE has announced its ‘Golden Visa’ that grants permanent residency to certain groups of people, and I am very excited about what this can lead to in the future.

Credit: Adnan Mryhij, Raz Moussa & Liz O’Byrne Nabulsi

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Credit: Adnan | Liz O’Byrne Nabulsi | Raz Moussa Productions



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  1. UAE is great example of development with harmony….
    I love U UAE for deep relationship as true friend with India…
    I am from India…
    And love u all people of UAE

  2. Dear Mr. Khalid, Request you to make a detailed video on how we can become CITIZENS OF UAE…..this would give alot of information to people around the world who love UAE and would be interested in its citizenship .!!

  3. I know I may already be too late for asking this questions but:
    What are the requirements needed to apply for Golden Visa?
    Where can We apply for the Golden Visa?
    All Im seeing and hearing are people explaining the benefits of having one but they never include ways or methods to registering for this Golden Visa Program.
    Please help regarding this topic, Thank You Have A Nice Day, And God Bless United Arab Emirates.

  4. My father helped build your country. He even met Shaykh Zayd. After 37 year service, he was told to leave within a month and $1000. No Thank you, no extra pay, no stay a while…no nothing.
    I have nothing but contempt for UAE.
    I know they survive on refugees (ex-pats) and I know Dubai is broke. I also know this so called golden visa is nothing more than a carrot dangled.

    My advice to any professional falling for the hype, is to go somewhere where your humanity is valued first. These people (not all) don't understand this basic concept. It's the 21st century and they are still mesmerized by the white man. Even if he is of no use to them, they are taken in by him.

  5. Your RULER is noted as a ugly – destructive human! Nasty to his own family n to the UAE people!!! You stand by this sick Ruler?? Sad!
    Many vlogs of his nastiness n dictatorship!


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