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How to get Spanish Citizenship | The 3 Options

The 3 main ways to get Spanish Citizenship:

-Citizenship by option, if your father or mother is originally Spanish (born in Spain).

-Citizenship by residency. Depending on your country of origin, you can get nationality in 1,2,5 or 10 years. Getting married to a Spanish citizen and living with her for 1 year in Spain is the fastest way to get it.

-As a Sephardic jew

Learn more about Citizenship in Spain here:


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  1. Hello,I am from Philippines is there a chance I can get citizenship by 2 years of residency?
    I am planning to study there for about 2 years and work how I can be a citizen?

  2. My great grandparent was born in Spain moved to Mexico would my father(who would be their grandson) be able to be a citizen ? He(my dad) recently did his ancestry DNA and it came out to him being 74% Spaniard

  3. My father was born and raise in Spain. He passed away 4yrs ago. I was born in the USA but would like to carry on my father's Spanish legacy. How do I get my Spanish citizenship? Is there a website or place that handles this type of request?

  4. my step father is a born Spaniard and have always lived their and I’m moving over there with my family so how long would it take me to me and will I still have my US citizenship or only a spain one ?

  5. Are my Ancestry DNA Results are enough? I know my grandparents may not be from Spain, but I know for a fact that I am of Spanish descent, my grandparents were Puerto Rican. Do I still count?


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