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EU to launch legal action over Cyprus, Malta ‘golden passports’. Didier Reynders explains EU law

The opening of infringement proceedings is the last step in efforts that have been ongoing for several years to address the concerns raised by monetary schemes that result in the acquisition of EU citizenship. #eudebates #passports #GoldenVisas #Visas #Cyprus #Malta #Bulgaria The Commission encourages both Cyprus and Malta to continue their screening of successful applications that was launched following the recent scandals.

I know that there are many questions about the citizenship that Cyprus and Malta have already granted. In accordance with the applicable rules and respecting due processes, naturalisation should be revoked wherever necessary. The question concerning retroactivities needs to be carefully assessed and it’s premature to take a position on this now. We have not even gone to the Court of Justice and are even further away from a judgment, but we need to continue to have discussions about such issues.

There were also some remarks about the necessity to finance the different budgets in the different Member States. Fostering investment is of course a legitimate goal for any country to pursue, in particular during these difficult times. However, this should not be done at any cost. EU citizenship is a collection of shared rights that all Member States provide in solidarity. Schemes that result in the selling of citizenship for the sole benefit of an individual Member State could be seen as exploiting this common achievement.

As you know, we have proposed a recovery plan of unprecedented size to protect lives and livelihoods, repair the single market and build a lasting and prosperous recovery. This is proof of strong European solidarity in the face of the enormous challenge our economies face. It would send the wrong signal if one Member State were seen to take economic measures that go against this solidarity among all Member States.

Residence schemes, as I said in my introductory remarks, are different from citizenship schemes in terms of rights granted, but entail similar risks. They are governed by national law but interact with EU law. The Commission will continue to monitor the situation closely, notably to ensure that the necessary border and security checks are carried out.

Et je voudrais conclure, Monsieur le Président, Mesdames et Messieurs les députés, en vous remerciant, non seulement pour votre attention, mais surtout pour votre soutien aux actions entreprises et à entreprendre dans ce domaine.


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