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E2 Visa Lawyer: Can I get a Green Card from an E2 Visa?

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00:13 – There is no direct way to convert an E2 Visa to a Green Card. E2 Visas are non immigrant visas, so the intention is to return to the home country one way.

Never the less there are ways to get a Green Card from an E2:

You are eligible to apply for a Green Card while under E-2 status as long as you meet the guidelines for one of the following methods:

EB-1 Green Card: You can obtain a green card while under E-2 status if you are an “Alien of Extraordinary ability” or a “Multinational Manager or Executive.” If you find yourself in one of these categories, you can file an immigration petition under one of these categories.

02:29- Family Based Immigration Green Card: You may obtain a green card if you have close relatives in the United States. Your relatives may file a petition in this case.

03:15 – National interest Waiver: If you are an “alien of exceptional ability,” have an advanced degree or an equivalent level of experience, and can show that your services will greatly benefit the United States, then you may file a National Interest Waiver (NIW).

01:47 – Employment Based Immigration: If you can find an employer who is willing to file a Labor Certification form with the Department of Labor, then you may qualify for a green card through the employment based immigration process. Or Self Petition EB2 based on a self petitioned H1B.

01:02 – EB5 Visa – Green Card based on investment of 500K or Million depending on the location in the US.

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  2. Hi, need to ask something, I'm sponcer for an employemnt immigrant, they gave me time for 7 months after 7 months they asked for more evidence from who sponcerf nd gave time for 90 days more , should I panic??

  3. Hi
    I'm from Egypt and need E2 to invest in a restaurant in usa.
    I can land at USA with my b2 then change my status there to E2.
    My is question is when I get an approval for E2 while I'm in the USA , would I get a new visa on my passport or just a change of status letter?

  4. I am from Pakistan and I need E2 Visa , want to start business through fast food franchise. Whom should I contact or your Company do E2 Visa ? I need your email address. So I can be in contact with you. My email address is imrance1@gmail.com, waiting for your early response.
    Best Regards.
    Imran Asif

  5. im Married and have 4 kid's. im inventor and co inventor with one of American citizens .. what if my business partner add my name in to hes business papers as 50/50 % business partner. what kind of visa is required to work

  6. is there any E2 updates, did they change the application process and requirements, i came across many cases of loosing/ renewal rejection E2 visa, can not renew E2 rejected from immigration. and have to leave the country, could you please talk about this issue?

  7. If I want to get an investor visa?
    How do I start?
    Do I need only 30 or 50 thousand US dollars?
    How do I start the procedure?
    How long does it take?
    How do I use this money in the USA?
    How do I get to the project where I invested this money?
    Is Money Only Required For An Investor Visa?

  8. what if i get E 2 status and start my own business and then after running it successfully for some years, and let us suppose i earned and saved around 600000 US dollars, and i invested it in some other business under E B 5 program, so my question is that could i do that and can this lead to me and my family to green card??????

  9. I am french, I have been offered a position by a french company with E2 employee but my spouse is Indian and India has no treaty for E2. Can she still come as E2 spouse and work in the US?

  10. HI Jacob, I'm from Brazil and I'll have my Italian citizenship very soon, so I'm very interested in apply for an E-2 visa and open a business I can run on the US. If the business goes well, how hard is the path to get a green card? How long should I consider to wait in order to apply for a green card?


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