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REAP (Real Estate Association of Puget Sound) EB-5 Real Estate Investing with ML University

REAP (Real Estate Association of Puget Sound) EB-5 Real Estate Investing with ML Companies. One hour online class talking about EB-5. How did Covid affect EB-5, and what can I do to start an EB-5 project.

Michael Lai is a successful entrepreneur with twenty-two years of experience and over three thousand transactions in real estate. He came to the United States in 1993 as a political refugee from South Vietnam. Mr. Michael Lai is the founding principal of ML Companies a Real Estate Investment & Development Company and Seattle Modern Living Funding. Michael is also the Founder and CEO of USASIA Regional Center, a US Government Approved Immigration Regional Center focusing on foreign direct investment, trade relations, and investor services. Michael has worked with, Private and Public Partnerships in economic development agencies, at regional, national, and international levels.


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