Home USA H1B1 Visa and E2 Visa for Citizens of Chile 🇨🇱

H1B1 Visa and E2 Visa for Citizens of Chile 🇨🇱

In this video I briefly discus the H1B1 Visa and E2 Visa for Citizens of Chile. This video will give you an incite into both visas. If you have more questions please contact our office at www.tzglaw.com


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  1. Hi Tina, A Chilean citizen here! I am under a J1 Trainee visa in the US. My employer is seeking to keep me longer, I am diving in the visa options, without leaving the country. Is the H1B1 attached to the employer who extends the job offer? Is possible to change employer in the future, but stay in the same industry, related to my degree and background on an H1B1 visa? On the other hand, my current J1 visa is until the 1st of April and I can stay legally inside the US until the 1st of May. Enough time to get an H1B1? Once the application for an H1B1 is accepted, my status change? Exist bridging visas here in the US?


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