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Save on TAX in Portugal with the Non Habitual Residency scheme (NHR)

Hi, I’m Nick and I want you to meet my wife, Manuela Robinson. She has been working in banking all her life and has been an International Financial Advisor for the last 10 years or so. If you have a serious inquiry about NHR or how to save money when moving to Portugal, please go to www.algarveaddicts.com/manuela and leave your email. She or her team will get back to you.

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  1. Hi guys, thank you so much for your wonderful comments. I am more than happy to answer all your questions, please put your details into the landing page, that my loving husband has so kindly put together for me 🤗

  2. Hi… thanks for excellent videos 🙂 I am considering moving to Cascais in the future… Do you know what the criterias for getting a permanent Citizenship are? 

    Ideally I´d have both Norwegian and Portuguese citizenship 🙂 Is this hard to get through? Soo tired of rain and the cold winters 🙂

    Are the rules different for this on Madeira, or is Madeira a normal part of Portugal ?

  3. Am I right in thinking that the NHR is NOT appropriate for people moving to retire in Portugal, i.e., live their full-time? There is mention of retiring on an NHR that is confusing.

  4. It wasn't clear from your video what you meant when you said to qualify for the portugese tax benefits under the NHR scheme one would need to intend to reside in Portugal for at least 180 days.

    Does this mean a person would need to have resided in portugal for 180 days BEFORE becoming eligible for the tax benefits in portugal?

    For example, if I move to Portugal tomorrow and submit all the required application forms for residency straightaway and then immediately sell my cryptos assets, provided I remain / reside within Portugal for the following 180 days would I qualify for zero % CGT? Or would I needed to have already previously resided in Portugal for 180 days first BEFORE selling my crypto assets to then be able to enjoy 0% CGT on my crypto profits?

  5. If you are coming with a blue card visa and residence permit now in July for a high qualified job being an employee, could you maybe apply for NHR before arrival (getting all the documentation needed) or I would have to wait until next year to apply in March and get the benefits of it only in 2022? Thanks for the great content!

  6. Hi Guys, Thank you for the info. One quick question if i may? If i moved to Portugal say in August this year would my earnings be taxed under the NHR from day one? I understand i would have to be in the country in December and apply for the NHR before 31st March next year, I also believe Crypto is not taxed if it is on investment terms and not traded. Many thanks Kevin

  7. you should have your wife play a larger role in your channel (or help her star her own channel). I am thinking about relocating to Portugal and the tax/finance side of the decision is i the largest part of my decision.

  8. Nick, thanks so much for hosting this!

    Your wife answered something which Ive been hunting for months. That NHR residents are taxed 28% on capital gains (SOURCED IN PORTUGAL)

    Can you please confirm from her (if possible) that is the case and that the 28% doesnt apply to capital gains from other countries. Im looking into the company she works for and its amazing.

    Much love

  9. Hi Nick and Manuela. Very informative – thank you.

    I have two questions for Manuela: Do I understand correctly that if I obtain a D7 visa and acceptance to the NHR scheme, is rental income from the UK and any gains from the eventual sale of the property, which may occur in the near future, exempt from taxation in Portugal for ten years? The second question: Is it correct that gains from the sale of securities, for example, ETFs in my USA brokerage account, are NOT exempt and taxed at 28%?

    You made a great point at the end about being proactive. I was not prior to coming to Spain, where taxes are high. I won't make that mistake again in Portugal. Also, I will be in touch in the future regarding your professional services, which is also something I have come to more fully appreciate, working with experts.

  10. Hi Nick!! AWESOME AWESOME Video!!!!!! Been watching/following your videos as well as other videos of Expats/Digital Nomads from the USA and other parts of the world living in Portugal. Was nice to see your beautiful and classy wife! Parabens, voces sao um casal muito bonito! I am Portuguese, living in the US for over 40 years. I will be arriving in Portugal May 8th. I plan on setting up a small business. I will be researching Porto, Lisbon, Alentejo and the Algarve regions. I visit Portugal often and I know all these regions pretty well. I think the Algarve will turn out to be my favorite pick. Stay well, healthy and keep those videos coming…. will be looking forward to watching them. Grande abraco para voce, Manuela e sua filha!!!

  11. I am confused because each person that I have talked to seem to have a different answer to my question regarding pension income. I plan to buy property there and my income now is US pension and SSS income which is already taxed here in the US. Will my income be subject to the 10% tax you mentioned?

  12. Hey Nick. We briefly chatted via comments before. Also used your code for bordr and my wife and I have our NIF's now. Now I need your wifes help. Completed the form at the landing page. Heard so many conflicting explanations about NHR would be nice to get some proper advice and perhaps someone, even if its not her, to help us manage things.

  13. Great video, good to learn more about income and taxes, etc. I live in Canada and retired early at 51 and I am thinking of retiring to Albuferia for the low taxes, better climate and a change.

  14. Manuela, I'm so glad that Nick finally let you make a video with him! We want to retire in Portugal as quickly as we can, and will be needing your Services! So happy to have found you! Bookmarking this one!

  15. That was a surprise. I didn't expect Manuela to sound South African! Cool! Thanks for the great info guys. Hope the restrictions life in the UK soon so we can come and explore the Algarve!

  16. Shouldn't you pay taxes if you live in Portugal? The problem in Portugal is that everyone tries to have tax advantages without really contributing to the well-being of everyone in the country, a small part has advantages and the majority unfortunately has to struggle for housing and well-paid work. Everyone is welcome in Portugal but those who have the opportunity must contribute and not try to avoid everything even if there is the possibility. Don't take this as criticism, I really like you both and I am glad that you like living in Portugal but look how many young people had to leave their families and their beloved country because there is no possibility to live in Portugal anymore because the prices are too high due to investors from abroad who only plan for rich pensioners. But in the end it is the fault of politics that makes this possible.

  17. Hello thank you so much for this.. it's been not easy finding good information.
    I became a crypto millionaire, after investing for 4 years in the space. Now I am looking to move to Portugal because they are very crypto friendly for normal people. Algarve seems great so far.. been researching about moving to Portugal for a few months now.

    Still working a full time job until July and then I will be free. 🙂 , see you then!

  18. There is one more benefit I believe: 0% tax on cryptocurrency income! Although I think you have to have owned the crypto for a year.

    And thanks for a great overview of the tax issues in Portugal, to your lovely wife!

  19. Hey Manuela and Nick. Thank you very much for your valuable information. I have a question:
    My girlfriend and I would like to emigrate from Switzerland to Portugal (Algarve).
    I am 47 years old and am receiving a pension as a result of illness and accident. Does that mean that I also have to pay 10 percent tax, or is that only for older retired people? Thank you very much for your great videos!


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