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How to get Colombian residency and citizenship

Thinking about getting Colombia residency, even citizenship? If you believe that this South American country could be your new home, this video will be of interest to you.

In this short informational video, Andrew covers what exactly you need to know and do to get Colombian residency and how to work towards getting their passport.

Colombia is a good place for investment, especially because it’s the second freest economy in South America.

Not only is Colombia flourishing, but their passport is a solid travel document since it grants you visa-free travel in European Union.

If you’re looking for ways to increase your freedom and reduce taxes, getting a second passport is definitely something you should look into.

To understand what needs to be done, keep watching the video, you might be surprised just how simple it is to get Columbian residency.

The trick is that you have to wait for a few years to be naturalized, but this is still a great opportunity you want to take into consideration.

Interested in Caribbean economic citizenship? Watch this video:

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Andrew Henderson travels to nearly 30 countries every year to stay up to date on the latest legal strategies for entrepreneurs and investors to pay less tax, grow their money faster, and build their personal freedom.

Andrew started Nomad Capitalist to help people like you follow his five magic words: “go where you’re treated best”. He has personally started foreign companies, opened offshore bank accounts, and obtained multiple second passports.

He also learned the hard way that perpetual information seeking is often the biggest barrier to getting the results you want. Many entrepreneurs spend months and even years constantly researching how to pay less in tax or live overseas, but are afraid to make the jump.

As a result, they get stuck and keep paying a fortune in taxes and never get the lifestyle they deserve.

Nomad Capitalist’s Youtube channel is based on Andrew’s vision that focusing on the end result, rather than the latest shiny object, is the best way to actually obtain the benefits of the Nomad Capitalist lifestyle.

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  1. No doubt Colombia was attractive to expats 5 years ago…but as Andrew says, governments can turn on a dime. Being Colombian myself and close to retirement can say that one of the tax benefits I liked the most was that pensions were not taxed up to a low 5 figure level…. but now the government is discussing a tax reform where pensions will be taxed starting at aprox USD 1300 per month. People should keep this in mind if you plan to retire there

  2. If I have a business registered in the UK can I change it to be registered in Colombia in future? Not in a position to move yet but would like to

  3. hi andrew! is it true that that caribbean citizen or holder of any caribbean passport will just need to stay in columbia for 1 year compare to other nationalities that they need to wait to get a colombian citizenship? please reply thanks.

  4. can a person already travel without visa in the eu countries by only acquiring resident person? will the columbian government give a passport by just having a resident permit?

  5. Hi I am only 23yrs old. My name is Smooth. My question, Is it true that if you marry a colombian woman here in USA, I Smooth automatically am considered colombian resident through marriage. Some lawyer said that if I want to retire in Colombia I have to marry


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