Home Residency in Schengen Visa and Residency in Portugal: Residence, Golden and Startup Visas

Visa and Residency in Portugal: Residence, Golden and Startup Visas

Whether you’re visiting Portugal on vacation or are looking to stay for longer, you’ll need to know what visas are required for the length of your stay.

IL Portugal Correspondent Tricia Pimental discusses the various options, including Residence, Golden and Startup visas.

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  1. Can i buy an apartment in Portugal as a non-resident, us citizen and then travel to Portugal through out the years without needing any type of visa? Would I just need a NIF, financial representative and a Portuguese bank account? Thanks!

  2. What is the procedure and list of document required to apply for residency after arrival at Portugal under D7 visa ? time frame and cost involve ?

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  4. Tricia you said for the Start Up Visa minimum is €5,100 per YEAR…. if we can anticipate €350.000 in 5 year. That’s €70,000 per year.
    Lest say we can start up with the 5,100 but end up making less than the 5 year required? Say $40,000 per year instead.
    Can you explain? Many thanks!

  5. Hi; what type of visa would you say is best for a US-based contractor (working for a large multinational) that wants to live and work abroad in Portugal for several years (with the option of possibly establishing residency one day in Portugal)?

  6. Do you know about how adult children can acquire a VISA? I'm planning to come over with my 2 adult children (18, 19) who will both be students.
    Do I need to have income for them, even though they'll be full-time students?

  7. Hi, I'm following you for quite a while thanks for all the information.
    We are thinking about to apply for a freelance portugal visa, and we heard we have to apply from the USA since we are USA citizens
    But we are Digital Nomads and currently in London. Can we apply from London or do we have to go back to the USA first?

  8. Dear Madam, I find your video very informative and truthful i am happy there is no false info , i have 2 questions first is any one who has got a Schengen visa (GERMANY) is he eligible to enter portugal legally and apply for TRP. secondly is for startup visa you have to generate 350 k euros very year do you need to hire specific number of person on job? kindly answer my quesries .

  9. Hello sister am asking for your assistance , I am writing from Germany , and am living in Germany for 8 years but I still don't have my papers yet , I have not seen my wife and my 2 children for 8 years, I have tried to bring my wife to come to Germany she apply for a Visa two times she got rejected in Dakar embassy, I buyed a travlling document she didn't make it she was stop at the Senegal airport, I spend 6000€ I lost everything, I am seeking your assistance sister i want to have my family with me. If any one can help me of assisting my wife to find a Visa please contact me in this number or watsapp me, +4915222002809, thank you

  10. Thanks for the info! What I don’t understand is how you can lease a property for 6 months beforehand from the US… doesn’t seem possible to me.

  11. Is it possible for a US citizen to apply for a residency directly with the SEF while in Portugal as a tourist? Without going back to the US and applying thought the consulate. As far as I understand, there's a bilateral agreement that allows that for a work-related residency. Is it also applicable for an independent/retirement residency?

  12. Hi ma'am, can we contact you? I am from Ondia and working in ICT domain. Can I come and settle over there. My wife is in service sector and good in English. Please guide

  13. Hi, My children and I are looking into the D7 visas, the VFS Global doesn't seem to work here in Boston, MA. BTW. this was very informative any suggestions? We are planning to hopefully move to Portugal for late this year if all goes well with the visas. Thank you!

  14. I heard a IT Visa (for software engineers) with no amount of income required (like the startup that required the amount), this ia because they want to improve in this area, do you have any information about the IT Visa?

  15. There is no requirement for visiting? Really? Are you sure ? Do you assume everyone holds a western passport? Very unresponsible statement. You lost credibility after the First 20 seconds

  16. Could you pls elaborate a bit on the lease. Do I have to come to Portugal as a tourist, find a place and sign a lease, then come back to my home country and start the process? Any better options at all? Thanks!


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