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ONLY €635 per month for Portugal's retirement visa (EASY) 🇵🇹

In this video we look at the the Portugal D7 visa through which you have a 5 year pathway to an EU passport, and the income requirement is only £635 per month.

This visa permits overseas individuals with passive income, for example from pensions, real estate or investment portfolios to enter Portugal for obtaining a residence permit (Article 24(d) of Regulatory Decree No. 84/2007; Article 58(2) Law No 23/2007).


In order to qualify for the visa, you are required to meet the Guaranteed Minimum Monthly Remuneration (GMR)

(Article 2 Ordinance No. 1563/2007 & Article 266 of Law No. 99/2003).

As of 1 January 2020, this is broken down per year as follows:

(a) the main applicant must meet 100% GMR (7,620 euros);

(b) any further adult dependents must meet 50% GMMR (3,810 euros); and

(c) any dependent children (whether younger or older than 18) must meet 30% GMMR (2,286 euros).

These funds must be maintained throughout the visa and residence periods, but also must be evidenced for a period of 2 years prior to the application (Article 6(2) Ordinance No. 1563/2007).

Documents You Will Need

The applicant will need to provide:

1. the D7 Visa application form;
2. a passport or additional travel document valid for 3 months after the duration of the stay;
3. two passport photos, up-to-date and with enough quality to identify the applicant;
4. valid travel insurance, allowing medical coverage, including medical emergencies and repatriation;
5. proof that you are living legally (and not in breach of any immigration provisions) in the country that you are
applying from;
6. request for criminal record enquiry by the Immigration and Border Services (SEF);
7. criminal record certificate from the country of origin or the country where the applicant is residing for over a year
(children under the age of 16 are exempt from producing a criminal record);
8. proof of means of subsistence as stipulated by law; and
9. proof that subsistence will be maintained through a “statement of responsibility” signed by a Portuguese national or by a foreign national legally resident in Portugal.

Can I bring my family members?

As touched upon above, you are able to bring direct members of your family to Portugal under this visa so long as you have enough income in accordance with the GMR. The members of your family will be entitled to a residence permit.

Application Process

STEP 1 – Complete the online application form from country of origin and submit it to the Portuguese consulate through the portal. You will be asked to choose a date for an appointment (typically there will be a 2-3 month wait).

STEP 2 – Attend the consulate appointment and submit your supporting documents. If all is compliant, you will typically be granted your D7 Visa within 4 – 6 months.

STEP 3 – Travel to Portugal and a make an appointment with SEF for a residence permit application.

STEP 4 – Attend your appointment and submit the same documents required for the D7 visa (some documents may require updating). Within a period of 90 days you should receive your residence visa.

Pathway to Permanent Residence

STAGE 1 – Residence permit is granted for initially for a period of 1 year (you must reside in Portugal for at least 4 months).

STAGE 2 – The residence permit can then be extended for two 2 year periods (you must reside in Portugal for at least 6 months in each 12 month period.

STAGE 3 – Apply for Portuguese citizenship or permanent residence. N.B. You will also be required to:

(a) pass a Portuguese language test (level A2); and

(b) demonstrate links with the national community e.g. through membership of a club or society.

Visa Fees

For a “Long Stay Visa” the visa fee is 90 euros. For children aged 6-11 there is a reduced fee of 35 euros.

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DISCLAIMER: This video is for general information purposes only and does not constitute legal or professional advice. It should not be used as a substitute for legal advice relating to your particular circumstances. Please note that the law may have changed since the date of this video.


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