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I am a Green Card (DV Lottery) Winner. I'm in the United States now.


It was my second time applying for the Green Card Lottery. I won and came to the United States in September 2018

You don’t need to lose hope in case you apply and don’t win…keep applying each year. It’s free to apply through www.dvprogram.state.gov

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  1. How do we get hosts,,for example if someone does not know anyone living in the US….or those we know are not willing to ?? Can you help someone get one?

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  3. I wish to ask some questions please EBM.
    1 What can I do if my sponsor in US decided not to do an affidavit of support for me?
    2 Can I get a sponsored out of USA?
    3 How much is required for my own personal bank statement?

    Please answer. Thanks.


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