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What It Takes to Get a Second Citizenship: St. Kitts



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  1. Thank you for sharing your experience and thoughts. I'm wondering at what point in you're application did you make the donation payment. Will it be after being approved by the government or will it be at the start of your application.

  2. Blessed Good Afternoon, I Have Visited Your Beautiful Country Twice Through A Cruise AND(&) I Would Like To Get Hold Of You Or(/) SomeOne From Beautiful St Kitts And Nevis, My Cell Phone Number Is Still, 246-842-9809.

  3. Hello, thanks for the info, recently found out about St. Kitts on Nomad video. I am looking to avoid capital gains on crypto so hopefully Kitts is the place, I need to find out the rest of the expenses, guess I'll call Jennifer, Have you been back here to the U.S.? with out problems? Thanks Bill

  4. Hi there, thank you for posting sharing this info.
    I hold a New Zealand passport and I am a resident alien of the United States. I don’t typically have any issues traveling aboard. What are other benefits if any of becoming a citizen in Saint kits?

  5. …..fascinating that even with a professional it can take so long to process. I wonder if you will be holding on to your US Citizenship ( or are you Canadian ?) Andrew Henderson said that he renounced his US Citizenship and that it cost him a few thousand $US to do this however, he does not now have the IRS poking into every part of his life now moreover, he seemed very happy with doing this as he can like most American ex- patriots who have done the same; open a Bank account abroad without them having to fill in all the regulatory BS forms. Well Heidi, are you going to get three other Citizenships so that you can live a type of tri-factor lifestyle without paying income Tax ? Does St kitts and Nevis allow Tax free crypto earnings ? You look so lovely Ma'am and thanks so much for sharing your experiences with the youtube " Nomad" community ! ( Abe uk )

  6. Hi Heidi do you know if we get the passport in st kitts via real estate, can we take a home equity loan on that property from any bank after getting the passport? Is it allowed?
    Thank you

  7. So does the donation route mean you're actually buying citizenship, presumably, you don't get that money back.
    wouldn't it make some sense to go the property route as that way, at least you'd be holding an asset.
    I realise you chose differently because of your travelling.

  8. You are phenomenal — thank you for the amazing info … could you please include the contact info for the lawyers you would recommend? Tons of questions over here before I jump ship! (yes, pun intended!)

  9. St. Kitts & Nevis government should not allow foreign nationals to become citizen of the country or should they allow them to buy property unless your heritage comes from there

  10. About Getting A CitiznShip In St Kitts And(&)Nevis, Young Lady I Would Like To Get Hold Of You, But How? My Cell Phone Number Is Still: 246-842-9809, I Would Like You To Get Hold Me, I Have In Whatsapp In My Cell Phone.

  11. Thank you for sharing… Shame on Nomad Capitalist… Shame Shame shame…. Bad bad bad/… VERy bad! Ok he trying to make money too?
    What did it cost???
    What did the USA Embassy say you would lose??? Beside perpetual slavery? Endless wars & war warmongering.

    "perpetual slavery meaning"
    Under this system slavery in the U.S. was a perpetual institution, meaning that when slaves were brought over from Africa, their descendants and their decedent's decedents were sentenced to an unending term of slavery with no legal hope to win their freedom.

  12. Great video! Thank you for spending the time to explain your choice and come at it from different angles. How are things going there now with COVID? How are you liking it? I wanted to visit for a short vacation but it didn’t seem like there were any flights going in from Canada right now. Hope you’re well.

  13. Isn't there a problem with St Kitts Nevis, as a 2nd Passport for US citizens, is that the ST Kitts passport will also say you are a US Citizen on it. please confirm

  14. New promotion for the passport of St. Kitts. These modified rates will be available until 31 December 2020. This means families of up to four people can secure citizenship for a $150,000 to the Sustainable Growth Fund, down from $195,000.

  15. Thank you for this. I was already aware of Nomad Capitalist and i didn't even bother contacting him because of their "standards." My plan A is Puerto Rico's act 60. My plan B may very well be CBI with St.Kitts. I do agree that he does have other useful info on his channel. I enjoy learning about other countries which he talks about and their pros and cons. I guess he just isn't a good match for me on the business end. I'd also recommend Simon Black's "Sovereign Man" and Doug Casey was the first one I came across years ago, with "International Man."


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