Home European Citizenship The billion-dollar motorway leading Montenegro to nowhere

The billion-dollar motorway leading Montenegro to nowhere

Montenegro is building one of the most expensive highways in the world. It is financed by a loan from China. Its tourism-based economy is being crushed by the pandemic making the already difficult loan impossible to pay back and the motorway still isn’t finished.


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  1. What a terrible report. Complete nonsense. I am from Montenegro and I can tell you it is completely misleading. For sure there is potential corruption and many other unclear things, but this is best project that Montenegro could get. BTW : this was open project for anyone to bid, including EU and USA companies, but Chinese gave best offer, much better.

  2. This is certainly one of the worst videos I have ever watched. Half of this report makes no sense and most are misinformation. Of course there were mistakes on this huge project for Montenegro, but here it all comes down to just anti-Chinese propaganda. The Chinese loan was by far the most favorable. 800 million euros. Interest rate 2 percent. 20 years with a grace period of 5 years. American and European consortium offered almost twice as much.

  3. This country is well on its way to becoming the Montenegro 🇲🇪 province of China 🇨🇳. So new flag positions are China on top 🇨🇳 and montenegro 🇲🇪 below, got it. It looks like the current government is selling out the people's future for personal profits as the systematically cede control to the nation who holds their loans.. China 🇨🇳 doesn't need troops, invasions or hostile actions to absorb this country when they have an economic stranglehold through easy loans that over leverage a small nation like a mark at a mob run casino, who gets a easy loan from the " Boss " because he knows the debt will be more than he can pay back. Manipulate the delays and thus costs of construction and the financial loss of the mark is assured resulting in ceded control right under the people's nose 👃. Slow and steady.


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