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Preparing for a Green Card Interview


Not legal advice. Don’t rely on this. This is simply informational and meant to help. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. For more information, you can schedule a free consultation at www.wilneroreilly.com/Contact-Us


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  1. I watching this video. has helped me a lot.Thank you very much officer.I got my green card..You are a good man and good heart. God bless you and your family.❤👍👍👍

  2. unfortunately on my passport issuance date it supposed to be 3 July but I dunno how it happened I did it 11 July do u think it's a problem…I just find it out from the print it out I made on my ds 260….it's supposed to be 3 July 2020 to 2july 2030 instead of 11 July 2020 to 2 July 2030 is that a problem sir

  3. I am approved for EB-1. My AOS was sent in March 2020 and I just received a rejection notice because I forgot to include I944. The USCIS is asking to submit the form but if I send it now (April 2020) will the AOS be rejected because the dates for filing has retrogressed for this month or will they accept it because it was initially timely filed?

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  5. I don't think USCIS officer will be this much polite and nice, but we will see, hopefully he/she will. The interviewer is so polite, after each sentence, he says thank you 🙂

  6. USCIS treats every applicant in different standard base on the country they came from also the petitioner nationality. If a whithe male applies for his wife they rush to approve it while itwas someone from the middle east or any black countries they will make your life a live hell. America was always a racist country.


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