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Minthis Hill, Cyprus – Citizenship by Investment – EU


我们的联合创始人在地产、金融和移民等领域有超过25年的经验。他们亲自到访所有代理的地产项目,进行严格的财务分析, 尽职审查。项目涉及的开发商,承建商及银行都由第三方专业人士进行详细的背景调查。

Zibeline-HongKong.com is a business line dedicated in consulting and marketing of high-end real estate projects with high potential of capital appreciation. Our portfolio consists of waterfront, golf, ski and spa resorts in Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania. Some of our projects provide purchasers/investors with permanent residency or citizenship programs.

The founders have more than 25 years of experience in real estate, finance and immigration. We will make field trips to our projects, which are subjected to strict financial analysis and due diligence. The developers, builders and banks involved in the projects have gone through meticulous background check by independent experts.


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