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Malta's Brilliant Tax System – How it Works and How You Might be Able to Benefit

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Today we will dive into Malta’s brilliant tax system.

Many people have misunderstanding of how Malta’s taxation works. The headline tax rates in Malta are not so compelling but you can manage to structure in a certain way and pay low tax.

Many of our clients find this country to be very interesting, and they are considering it as a place to move to. However, few of them actually do so, and those who do don’t stay there for long time.

Why is this the case when Malta is such a good country from tax point of view?
How does practice of actually setting up there differ from what’s on paper?

Could you still benefit from setting up in Malta? Is Malta a tax haven? Let’s find out.

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Author: Michael Rosmer

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  1. Hi,
    Interesting, thank you for the video!
    May I ask if for example there is a company in Spain, but it will be managed from Malta, under the double treaty will the company be tax resident of Malta?

  2. Hi I m an Indian national living in Singapore ,my concern to open a sole proprietor company in Malta how much it cost in all paperwork and for my work permit and dependents visa ? And how much will be the yearly expenses maximum to maintain company either shop run or closed ?

  3. How do the new anti-hybrid mismatch rules effect Malta & companies with a residency in Malta who are domiciled in a country that recognizes Malta as the tax residency when the company is managed in Malta and not tax resident in the jurisdiction where it is registered because of a tax treaty.

  4. What if I'm a resident non domiciled in Malta and I own and manage a foreign company from there leaving the money of the company outside of Malta and sending there to my self just a salary to live? Malta will claim to pay also corporate tax there since I'm working from there?

  5. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, you are a very good communicator.
    Which low-tax off-shore country would you consider to be the best for small businesses, just starting off?
    Seems that most tax havens have very high fees for registering a company, and opening a bank account requires a lot of money. It is also difficult to know where to find correct, concrete and specific information on this online. Would be interesting to hear your opinion!


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