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Citizenship by Investment St Kitts and Nevis

Citizenship by Investment Saint Kitts and Nevis. Jhmarlin.com discusses the advantages and process of becoming a citizen of St.Christopher and Nevis through the St.Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment program.


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  1. Hi Jennifer glad to see you did this video, well done. I was wanting to ask you if you have done any Antiqua & Barbuda citizenship by investment work for clients and what you would say the differences are between it and St Kits & Nevus in beauty and Tax savings wise. I am 70 and wife 60 of course we feel a lot younger, but we would be concerned with Capital Gains taxes on non qualified investment income, Social security income? PS also did see your video with Heidi. I don't think IRA or Roth IRA income is taxable there as there is no income tax. Yea !!

  2. Hi Im very interested in getting a new passport in English speaking Carrabian . But are there going to be vaccine conditions now added to to requirements. Many are wanting to escape the forced vaccinations.

  3. Greetings from Nova Scotia and thanks for all the information. I really appreciate it.
    Would you allow me two questions here publicly?
    1.) Is a common law partner also consider a spouse in that program?
    2.) If you live of investments in Canada canadian companies that are paying dividends are tax prefered, so called eligible dividends. This and the TFSA can make your income tax free up to 80,000 CAD depending in which province you live.
    But would you not pay a withholding tax (30%) if you got these share in a bank in St. Kittis?

    Thank you.

  4. hello knowledgeable lady,
    the European free travel zone is Schengen without an additional z 😀
    btw: the visa waiver with europe runs out and will be replaced by ETIAS soon-ish (around 2022), but at least it is still visa free system. afaik 7 € fee and valid for 3 years (for example ESTA for USA is much higher fee and 2 years only) and it is tied to the passport , so that passport better is valid for same lenght minimum.
    and being UK citizen aside St. Kitts+Nevis is useless in future, UK is subject to ETIAS soon too, no exceptions.
    but i bet you know that already by now 😀

  5. Writing from Cold Toronto….Thank you so much for your time making all these videos Jennifer. You made a smart choice moving from Canada

  6. Omg! You look and sound like my wife I am searching for! Your a pilot all over the caribbean!! And you have business in the Caribbean! Please marry me!! Question I am an American citizen can I have multiple foreign citizenship's? Or foreign passports ? I am looking into invest in the UAE Dubai and Bali Indonesia and now the Caribbean I like to get into real estate properties

  7. Congratulations Jennifer Harding-Marlin on your career.
    I suppose having a non-USA passport might be a good in some sort of terrorist situation, especially if the person is African American; a white American might be suspected as just having the St. Kitts-Nevis passport.
    I would think having to maintain a home in the Caribbean would be inordinately expensive and inconvenient and kind of a hassle….air-conditioning replacement, roof repairs, mold issues and more, e.g. damage to property from hurricanes/weather issues.
    Americans have more options than Canadians, as the USA has many nice options in the sunbelt that I would think offer more cultural and other amenities than the islands.
    The background looks beautiful, though I would think living on an island like that might get boring, "island fever."
    For Jennifer, Ms. Harding-Marlin has probably met many interesting clients and has leveraged her career into a professional life with many contacts, however for participants in the program, I think the plan has a romance to it, that might fizzle out.
    I am intrigued by the idea of the Caribbean life style that Jennifer enjoys replete with Jennifer's access to a private aircraft , however retiring to a college town in the USA sunbelt that has sophisticated medical care if needed, the vibrancy of cultural activities, the energy of young people, easier access to travel would probably be more appealing for the average millionaire.
    I congratulate Jennifer on being able to help people who are interested in these programs and even leveraging their real estate investments into dual citizenship. For people who have access to private jets and can use their Caribbean home as a get away, and have a few other places or more, e.g. people with assets over 50 million, they may want to add a second passport and a home in a dual citizenship country to their assets. I would think Jennifer has met some pretty interesting and substantive individuals.

  8. Hi Jennifer, interesting video you made, and I think there will be more and more interest in the future for this topic.
    There are few very important things besides the ones you mentioned, for which I would like to get an anser:
    1. How are the kindergartens and schools and high schools, are they any good, and how about their average costs?
    2. What is healthcare like, and how much does it cost for 4 member family per year?
    3. Do you have issues with bad weather/hurricanes?
    4. If I buy property in which I will live with my family, what are the yearly taxes on it?
    5. Do you have good internet all around the isles?
    These are just some questions that comes on top of my mind, hope you can answer some of them 😉
    Thank you in advance,
    BR, Freelancer76 😉


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