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Why I moved to Bulgaria

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In this video, I’m talking about the reasons why I moved to Bulgaria. Why do I see Bulgaria as a country of opportunities and who might profit from coming here? What is good about Bulgaria? Is there something that is bad? What are the advantages of living in Bulgaria as an entrepreneur?

Author: Michael Rosmer

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  1. I like Canada tho especially Vancouver. So If you're from there then can you tell me is it possible to get rid of high taxes there? Like incorporating my business elsewhere while living in Vancouver?
    By the way originally I'm from India
    Thank you ?

  2. Do you have a video about moving to Bulgaria?

    We're in Canada and LOVE Bulgaria…but found it very hard to get a visa. Potentially just looking in the wrong area but would love to know more about it.

  3. I'm wondering how to best go about changing money from Euro to BGN without loosing out a lot. Greece is on the Euro and borders Bulgaria so I was wondering if its best to go via a Greek bank?

  4. im intesreted to have soon a bulgarian citizenship once this covid pandemic is over. how much is the annual property tax for a condominium or house&lot in the capital city? and how much is personal income tax there? do they tax its citizen on its worldwide income?

  5. You moved to Bulgaria because there's no blacks and you feel safer around white people. Period. It's not about money, it's about security. And none of you leftist hypocrites would ever admit that.

  6. Michael, do you see many western entrepreneurs like yourself moving to Bulgaria? In particular, how would you estimate the tendency? Is this a sustainable upward trend or do you think that after a while people would get bored from Bulgaria because more competitive places will arise in the region? Is there a steady influx of people from countries like the US, Canada, UK moving to Bulgaria to do business? How does Bulgaria compare to Romania? Romania is a bigger market and Romania together with Poland are the "geographic" backbone of the US led geo-strategic project "Trimarium" designed to counter Russia's expansionism to the West. Thanks.

  7. You mentioned low taxes (5-14.5%) but what about CFC laws? Wouldn't all your businesses be dragged into their tax net? Next door Serbia has higher taxes but doesn't have CFC laws.

  8. I just have some questions about Bulgaria
    Is there tape water easy to drink ?
    Are there clothing stores like there is in Canada?
    Can you recommend some food to try in Bulgaria ?
    Is the transit easy and affordable?
    Is there lots of crime there?
    Are things affordable there?
    What’s it like buying a house in Bulgaria?


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