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Portugal Golden Residency Visa Programme

Portugal Golden Residency Visa Programme
Investment Required: € 350000 to € 500000 in real estate.

Maintaining the Investment: For Consecutive 6 Years, maintain a residence in Portugal through the purchase of property whose minimum value is €350000.

Investment requirement: Minimum age is 25, disclosure of the source of funds for investment and fees, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is required In two ways: First Option is to Purchase the Real Estate worth €350000 whose construction is completed 30 years before or located in an Urban Rehabilitation area with the execution of rehabilitation work. The second Option is to invest €500000 anywhere in Portugal.

Net Worth: Not required

Financing Option: Not available

Physical Residency: 7 days per year

Age Requirement: Minimum 25 Years

Citizenship Requirement: Investor becomes eligible for Permanent Residency after 12 months. Right to live , work , study and Travel in Portugal and in Schengen Countries. Golden Residence Permit needs to be renewed in Yea1m Year 3 and Year 5.

Visa Free Travel: Investor can travel to 170 countries.

Family Members of the Main Applicant Are Eligible: Yes (Spouse, Children Under the age of 18 , dependent children over 18 must be unmarried and full time students, Dependent Parents aged 66 and over must be residing at the same address).


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