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GeniusCity EB 5 USA Investor Visa Program


EB-5 Overview

Global investor program offering permanent residency visas and green cards in the United States to qualified investors and their families (your wife and all children under the age of 21 years).

GeniusCity™ in collaboration with its team of Immigration Lawyers has created a USA investment program, which is more accommodating, allowing investments via limited partnerships and pools of international investors. Provided that the investment is maintained and achieves the EB-5 job requirements, is unconditional.

Advantages of the EB-5 Program

There are many advantages of the EB-5 program. The US international investor program is the most flexible in the world. There are no requirements as to age, business experience, or language skills. Permanent residents are not required to be continuously and physically present in the United States. Investors can maintain business and professional relations in their country of origin.

Another U.S. EB-5 program advantage is that it provides unparalleled freedom because it does not require investors to manage their investment on a daily basis, but rather, to ‘actively engage’ in a business enterprise, meaning they can be limited partners and pursue other professional or personal ventures.

On receipt of conditional permanent resident status, the investor’s family (spouse and children under age 21 at time of application) are entitled to the same benefits as other lawful permanent residents in the USA.

The EB-5 Immigration Program for GeniusCity™ Co-owners in “Lease To Own” Luxury Lifestyle GeniusCity™ Communities offer you the following benefits:

Green Cards for You, Your Spouse, and Unmarried Children Under the Age of 21
Freedom to live, work or retire anywhere in the U.S. regardless of the location of your EB-5 investment
You, your spouse, and your children (under 21 years) qualify under the same visa application
No Day-to-Day Management Required from the EB-5 Investor
No employment authorization needed
Develop and run your own business
Sponsor green cards for your relatives
Travel internationally and return to the U.S. without a visa
Education benefits such as your children receive admission to State Universities at U.S. resident costs
Receive one Genius Home, AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU, which you can either live in with your family or rent it out to create additional monthly revenues for you!
You become Co-owner in income generating, award winning GeniusCity community development projects!
Achieve faster approval time and favorable success rates!
PLUS you and your family receive US citizenship after you have been a permanent resident for more than five years.
Moreover, should the EB-5 investor and his or her family elect to become U.S. citizens, the time spent as conditional permanent residents is credited toward the five-year lawful permanent residency requirement for US citizenship. As a permanent resident, the investor and his or her family are free to return to their homeland for visits or business purposes, as long as a residence is maintained in the United States.

Why Choose the GeniusCity EB-5 Program?

The GeniusCity Community Project invites foreign national investors to become lawful, permanent residents of the United States! GeniusCity International LLC is a new enterprise offering a EB-5 Co-ownership and membership program in Destin, Florida with more than 320 days of sunshine all year around.

Your EB-5 Investment in GeniusCity is Equity Based
Investors Receive Preferred Equity Interest/Shares in GeniusCity Community Development LLC.
Income Generating with a 50% Annual Profit Share from all Rental Income

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