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How to Get a NIF From Abroad For Residency Visa 🇵🇹 Americans Moving to Portugal (2021)

The Portuguese NIF has become one of the first steps to getting a residency visa to move to and live in Portugal. This rule change happened in quarter 4 of 2020 and could be here to stay. The problem that people truly have is that there are travel restrictions, which limit travel to Portugal if you’re not legally allowed to live in Europe.

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The old process was that people didn’t need a NIF to apply for their residency visa. However, now, you need a NIF and a funded bank account for your visa application. You also used to be able to just go into a Finanças office, take a number, sit down, wait, and eventually get your NIF number on the same day.

It’s just not possible to do that right now and it’s not practical either. So Kathleen Lo and her husband Richard, Americans from California, understand how frustrating this can be. They came up with the most streamline solution for people possible, Bordr.

Bordr is a company that helps people get a NIF by filling out the same information that you’d need to do in-person at a Finanças office as well as showing your passport, and they’ll take your information to the Portuguese government’s digital platform to apply for your NIF on your behalf and in about 1-3 weeks depending on volume, you’ll have a NIF.

In this video interview, Kathleen explains:
What is a NIF?
Why is a NIF important?
What is Bordr?
How can Americans get a NIF?
How long does the process take?
How much does it cost?
What is Bordr trying to do to grow to help serve the expat community better?

Check out Bordr’s Trustpilot review here:

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  1. We just recently used Bordr for my husband to get a NIF number. Richard and Kathleen are quick to reply to questions. We received my husbands NIF# in under a week. I highly recommend their service. Very easy process and quick. 5 star rating!

  2. This is great price! Back in 2017 – I has to pay about $650 to get POA/NIF application and initial fiscal representation. Then we had to pay €500 per year for fiscal representation (though I had no taxable activities in Portugal)- per person. Now we have our rental activity in Porto, our rental management takes care of all of these – which is saving us a lot of $. BTW we are still in the U.S. – hoping to get D7 in 3-5 years. Crossing our fingers D7 will remain to be a fairly simple process 🙇🏻‍♀️

  3. Hi Josh! My husband and I actually on our way to get our fingerprinting done today! We are getting ready to apply for the D7 and you guys have been the best resource that we have had for this process!! I'm confused about something that you said in this video. You mentioned that we would need to have a NIF before we can apply for the D7 Visa. Does that mean that there is new paperwork somewhere to be filled out? And the other question is about the quick comment regarding having to have a bank account BEFORE we can apply for the D7 Visa, is that now the case? Do we have to have the NIF AND a Bank account in Portugal? If so, how in the world do we do that?

  4. This is the most helpful video (and comments section) I have ever seen for this subject. It’s amazing what can be done in less than 5 minutes. Keep up the great work!

  5. Hi Josh and Kalie! Thank you for this wonderful presentation and Bordr is providing a great service for those who can't physically be in PT. After reading comments from others below, those who are still a few years away from moving (like me) shouldn't be applying for the NIF yet which is rather unfortunate.

  6. Kathleen said "it's a one-time flat fee of $150," however, their website says "The cost to request your NIF is $150 and includes one year (12 months) of fiscal representation.* At the end of that year, your fiscal representation will automatically be renewed at a rate of $150/year. You may cancel this service at any time by contacting our support team." Please have her clarify this and update it on their website so there's no ambiguity. A "flat-rate one-time fee" is not the same as an annual fee per their website.

  7. Thank you for going through the processes and finding the best people to share with us. Can I get a NIF now when I’m not planning on coming to Portugal until I retire in 5-10 years?


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