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Every Citizenship by Investment Program for 2019

In this video, we’re giving you the overview of all 12 citizenship by investment (CBI) programs for 2019.

In general, CBIs are the fastest and the easiest way to get that second passport and become a dual citizen, without having some special connections or family heritage.

1:20 – At the moment, there are 5 different CBI programs in the Caribbean and those are: Saint Kitts and Nevis, Dominica, Grenada, Antigua and Barbuda, and Saint Lucia.

Generally, these “classical” CBIs are the most straight forward and have relatively decent visa-free travel.

3:18 – As for Europe, there are 4 countries which offer citizenship by investment: Malta, Cyprus, Montenegro, and Moldova.

Given that they are much more expensive than the Caribbean options, Western people are not so interested in obtaining these passports. They are more popular among Chinese, Russians or people from the UAE.

5:32 – Vanuatu

5:56 – Turkey

6:36 – Jordan


Andrew Henderson is the world’s most sought-after consultant on legal offshore tax reduction, investment immigration, and global citizenship. He works exclusively with six- and seven-figure entrepreneurs and investors who want to “go where they’re treated best”.

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  1. Hi Andrew, In Canada in the Alberta province, if you invest upto 40000 CAD-80000 CAD , you become a 51% owner of a business (like a pizza frainchisee pr a restaurant) and within 18 months can get a Permanent residency , & within 3 years get a citizenship , isnt that so much cheaper and better than the ones you are recommending.

    The criteria for qualification of a foreign national as an owner/operator are amazingly simple:

    • He/she must demonstrate a level of controlling interest in the business. Minimum 51% ownership or complete 100% ownership

    • He/she must prove that his/her temporary entry to Canada will create or retain employment opportunities for Canadians and permanents residents and/or transfer skills to Canadians and permanent residents.

    • He/she must detain a non-dismissible position (must occupy a superior position or one of superior positions in the company without the possibility to be dismissed).

    As the Owner/Operator LMIA is an exception to the rule, no advertising or recruitment is required. This option is also available anywhere in Canada. The key requirement is that the foreign national owns at least 51% and one share of a Canadian business. However, there are some other important requirements:

    • A detailed business plan showing the business financing and creation or maintenance of employment, this plan must include a rudimentary financial plan and timeline of events.

    • A foreign national must be actively involved in the management of this business and must have be remunerated according to his/her qualifications and experience at a level equal to or greater than the median wage requirements for the occupied position.

    • He/she must employ at least one Canadian or permanent resident in the first year of the company activities.

    • In short to prove that the Business bought or will be done is genuine and will happen In real.

    Receiving a positive LMIA, a foreign national obtains a work permit from ESDC, the duration of which is usually equal to the validity of the LMIA (up to 2 years). After obtaining the work permit, the owner/operator can apply for permanent residence through various programs.

    Benefits of the Owner / Operator LMIA Program

    • Response time within 5-7 onths

    • Client receives positive LMIA (after satisfying all conditions)

    • Client can be eligible for PR based on assessment

    • Any age up to 60 years can apply

    • Average Investment of CAD 50k to 200k or more depending type of business

  2. Hi Andrew I lived in Ireland for more than 12 years. I applied for naturalisation and I cleared the first stage but at that time I had to leave for india due to some personal issue. I would like to talk to about that if possible.

  3. Okay, that's the best of it. A great host give me a tour to have the greatest experience in Global Adventures of International Citizenship Investments. That's what I need for double passport collection. I would love to have both passport for quick citizenship and investment programs for the better. I would like to have a investment program that helps me in the future if citizen of those countries unlike most are not good enough to get me in to it. Especially I love Europe because the European Union. Malta is a place where they have European Union sales to become a European Union Citizen easily because they play nice to allow citizens, immigrants, visitors, adventurers, travelers, foreigners, and others. They love to deal with people whoever want to be European Union Citizen. I'm surprised they actually do that unlike most European Countries don't agree to play nice in joining the EU membership in allowing others become European citizens. Such as Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Mentanegero, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Maldolvo Belarus, Ukrain, Russian Federation and others European Countries that are not part of European Commission. Although that's their lost to become Non European member of the Parliament. Malta is the decent example of how they can let people try their best to become citizens of the European Union but Maltaniese Citizen. They can give it to people but the only way to do it is to come there, spend time there, and get it. The problem is it can be very expensive to recieve it. Those Caribbean countries are strate differences to get a Passport there that allows them to travel many countries as they want but their investment program is one the the best in the world of citizenship. Cyprus has the highest best passport covers in their front book. They made the passport for their citizens to have what they love which makes it very popular to have. Their designs look very sharp and hard. I love their passport on how it looks. They made their design look super sharp which makes it 40 times attractive then any other countries. Mantanegro has one of the best citizenship in Europe but have different opinions on what they can do for citizens from countries. It's not like other countries where they can take it more easier then they ever imagine. Turkey has the ability to have confidence on giving people what they want to become citizens there. However, if they plan to have their passport, it can be necessary to get it but not necessary to allow them to travel to Europe. That's the problem with it due to their own investment program. T and C. I would not get their citizenship because they've never have a chance to become European membership for the Union of Brussels. I love to go there as a tourist agent but not never to live there and become a Citizen there due to their society of their nation. The best option I can take is Europe with the EU Passports and the European Citizens. Europe got the best investment and National Citizenship then anywhere else. They got the best enrollment to allow people to become European Members of the country ever for the Palerment. Brussels dose every great to make it very productive. The Euro is very popular to have for personal and financial collection. I love the Euro money because it's incredibly important it help them to have better opportunities to recieve the benefits they have then just nothing.

    Thanks to this guy, Andrew Handerson. He show me the best experience on how to handle the opportunity I'm going to have. Which requires everyone else that are interested have what it takes to become citizens of Europe. He help us build the world of inspiration of freedom connections to get the Golden Citizenship we want. Base on what we always dream about getting the right path of official citizenship.

  4. These videos are very good as I tend to watch them an hour or so after they are released. The information is very informative and helpful as I watch them multiple times to continually be familiarized. Thank you for the information as well as the effort in research and making them.

  5. Hi, you mention the US has a residence program? Does that mean I can become a resident in the US and don't have to pay taxes if I have say for example a Bahamian passport?

  6. I had invested in 'Hungarian Residency Bonds' … got the PR but a sudden U-turn from their government has created problems … so now I'm looking for other solutions !!

  7. Can you explain about EB5 green card program and where to make investment to satisfy creating employment part, I am looking to Invest in designated Targeted employment area and I can invest up to 700k$.


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