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euronews U talk – European citizenship: The death of nations?



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  1. I think that even though creating a single European citizenship means following America's example, it's still a good idea. I have always wondered how such a small piece of land (compared to the rest of the world) like Europe could be so nationally diverse. Wouldn't it be great if for example the Polish and the Germans could forsake their past differences and live together as one nation – united in harmony?

  2. Good point, but I don't mean the world with only one government (as you mentioned, governments are vexing). What I mean is citizenship without loyalty to any particular nation.

  3. I'm an American who feels a strong connection to my state, but I don't feel free from the federal government. We have no state sovereignty. It would be very bad for Europe to become like this.

  4. It's not a given. Anyway looking at what's happening today around the world it looks like we're heading toward national dictatorships….so same shit different name.

  5. Sounds like soviet union to me. I hate how they try to compare the US to the EU. They are not the same. 1st thing which stands out…. in the EU, there is no common language between all member states. Shit I could go on and on as to why this European citizen ship would not work. It would just create mayhem.

  6. The creation of a global socialist super state is something I see as evil. This is all about putting more and more power into the hands of fewer and fewer people. Anyone who cannot see this is as Stalin said. " a useful idot"


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