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CITIZENSHIP by RESIDENCY in Spain: HOW to get it, Documents & Requirements

Want to get Spanish nationality? In this video, you will learn how to obtain Citizenship by residency in Spain easily!

Besides talking about the legal application process, the requirements you’ll need to meet and documents to submit, we also talk about the other options to obtain citizenship in Spain:
-Nationality by option
-Nationality by birth
-Citizenship by marriage

Including info about the nationality test and how to pass it.

And if you need more information, here you will find a complete guide:

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  1. Hello, Good day just one question Señor, what if an Immigrant Already acquired a Spanish passport and then live and work outside Spain from A non-EU member country( for example, Switzerland) for more than 3 years and not paying any contribution to social security Seguridad social) do this type of issue has an effect when you renew your Spanish passport knowing that you do not Social security contributions for a long period of time? thank you.

  2. Hi there,

    I understand as a Puerto Rican with a CERTIFICADO DE CIUDADANÍA DE PUERTO RICO I can apply for citizenship after two years of residency in Spain. My question is will the two years have to be continuous or is there a certain amount of days allowed to be out of Spain?

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Sir, I have the honor of marriage to a Spanish citizen. She is working on her American citizenship, will she be allowed to maintain her Spanish citizenship? I am an American and would like to have Spanish citizenship if it's legal. Thank you in advance if you can answer the questions for me.

  4. hi. my husband took his deploma quite sometime ago now and hes a electrician does he still need to take the exams also we applied with a lawyer can it be quicker for him to get nationality if not how long? also hes lived in spain for about 15 years. thanks.

  5. hola! i am a spanish citizen on 2011 there was a Spanish immigration law that we could get our citizenship as long as we could prove that our parents or grandparents were Spanish……i was born in the Philippines i have 3 kids…Me and my other two kids were able to get our citizenship, but my oldest wich was around 24 years old then was not able to get ……..question is…..im just waiting for covid 19 to finish or stop and im going to spain already to work and live there, problem how does my oldest son be able to come with me??? how can we apply for residency for my oldest child he is 32yrs old now…..thank you

  6. Thank you for this information! My grandfather was born in Spain but left during the war and lost his Spanish citizenship before his daughter (my mother) was born. Is is possible that the Ley de Nietos would allow me to become a Spanish citizen?


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