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The Cheapest Golden Visa for Entrepreneurs

What is the cheapest Golden Visa Program in Europe? In this video, Andrew discusses Portugal’s Golden Visa Program for Entrepreneurs and the benefits of hiring overseas.

Andrew Henderson and the Nomad Capitalist team are the world’s most sought-after experts on legal offshore tax strategies, investment immigration, and global citizenship. We work exclusively with seven- and eight-figure entrepreneurs and investors who want to “go where they’re treated best”.

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Andrew has started offshore companies, opened dozens of offshore bank accounts, obtained multiple second passports, and purchased real estate on four continents. He has spent the last 12 years studying and personally implementing the Nomad Capitalist lifestyle.

Our growing team of researchers, strategies, and implementers add to our ever-growing knowledge base of the best options available. In addition, we’ve spent years studying the behavior of hundreds of clients in order to help people get the results they want faster and with less effort.

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DISCLAIMER: The information in this video should not be considered tax, financial, investment, or any kind of professional advice. Only a professional diagnosis of your specific situation can determine which strategies are appropriate for your needs. Nomad Capitalist can and does not provide advice unless/until engaged by you.


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  3. foreigners: OMG I want to move to portugal !
    the portuguese: "and me, trying to escape from were! we pay nordic taxes to get central african services"
    these desperate pro-investment measures are related to the Portuguese population that is fleeing the country or aging. Portugal has even been begging for refugees! nor refugees want to come to portugal. the Portuguese feel betrayed by the country that stinks of corruption, has a prime minister with as much institutional power as Salazar and on top of that he works more than 36 hours a week for a salary that barely covers the income of the house …. then they have countries like germany, holland, belgium, luxembourg and france with open borders and a siren song for fresh students who come out of the oven like bread.

    there was even a saying. "after college you have three exits: air, sea and land".

    basically, the only thing that portugal produces are portuguese.

  4. Do you have any experience with Portuguese passport (or any other Lusophone passport) holder going on to get a Brazilian passport? According to the website of a certain Brazilian embassy, the Brazilian constitution allows citizens of any Portuguese-speaking country to naturalise after just one year of residence in Brazil.

    Notwithstanding the inevitable buffer time for prep and admin, that seems like a hell of a one-two combo. Get your EU passport in Portugal, and then parlay that–and hopefully some Portuguese language skills gained in the time it took to get it–into a high quality South American passport in just a year or two.

  5. every video is worth checking out if only for your attire and decor. you remind me of a bond villain and i mean that in the most complimentary way possible

  6. I was thinking about living in a Portuguese property with a small vineyard/orchard.. micro family farm style like the little residential/family micro vineyards like you see in Napa per se where I’m from in California wine country, but I would likely hire people for domestic as well as help with managing the vineyard or garden.. I wonder if farm/domestic employees would qualify for this

  7. This is really interesting. We're launching a global crypto exchange and we thought about hiring customer service shops etc on each continent. Hiring 10 ppl would be easy. And it sounds like many ppl are multi lingual. I guess my question is how many of our team members can apply for this visa? Is it limited to one executive from our company or can it be more than one person?

  8. Portugal has become what soho NYC became – It's over – tourists and tourism are gone and not coming back for 5-10 years – Air B N B ruined the city of lisbon causing crap hole apartments to sell and rent for prices locals can not afford – when this happens- and it did – it's over ✌️

  9. The thing is I'm Portuguese and I'm actually trying to leave. U didn't mention but it's very high taxed. Corporate tax 21%, Social Security 23%, income tax rate 48%, consumption tax is 23% for most products, things like alcohol, gas, cigarettes, etc have an even higher consumption tax, and ofc, about half of the electricity price is taxes making it one of the countries in Europe with the most expensive electricity bill to the point more people die of cold during the winter in Portugal than they do in countries like Norway, Sweden, etc which are substsncially colder

  10. Heff would be proud of the Robe. Outstanding job! Portugal is phenomenal w tons of opportunities. We're teaching the kids Spanish and Portuguese at the same time in order to make the leap.

  11. Andrew Portugal has a bill (HR 565) at the american congress that allows low-cost investment (E2 visa) and gives you the right to live in portugal and subsequently takes larger amounts to citizenship

  12. Hi Andrew I don't want to P R or GOLDEN VISA. But I want to invest small amount so what is the minimum amount I need and which country is best (option 1,2,3) . Is real-estate better or some other business.

  13. hey Andrew why don't you mention programs by financial ability? for example if someone have something like 27000 euro and he or she can prove to have income around 2000 euro, they can get temporary residence from Greece.Other countries like : Spain, Germany , Austria have similar programs .

  14. The minimum cost one can expect when hiring (not contractor kind of hiring – this has other cost/implications) in Portugal is;
    1) 23,75% – social security, this is the normal %. If you're hiring disable, retired, unemployed or 1st time job seeker the % is lower if any.
    2) 1% – work liability related insurance
    3) 1% – salary guarantee fund (0,9% is refundable if the employee leaves/is fired & his rights are fulfilled)
    This % are calculated on the gross (base) salary and are mandatory.

    Not mandatory but common:
    4) food allowance – only restaurants don't pay them on the regular. There's no amount, but 4,77€/7,63€ a day whether is paid in cash or via debit card is the reference
    5) car allowance – 0,36€/km is the reference, if the employee is using his own car for job related travels (home-work-home is not considered job related, think going to meet a client x kms away)
    6) 25% – no fixed schedule allowance, calculated again on the gross salary, it's an incentive for employees to have a more "flexible work schedule", but is usually used in order to not pay for extra hours.

    – % varies – extra hours, depending on the contract and sector. There're minimum %.
    – private health insurance, this days pretty much all international or companies looking to attract higher quality employees provide one.

    There're incentive to hire 1st time job seeker, where the government refunds a good 65-80% of the minimum cost. So companies will hire bachelor/master/PhD at 724€-811€ and get 65-80% back.
    Welcome to use, but don't be a slave owner, thanks!

    The video mentioned a tax % of 14-48%, it doesn't work like that.
    The thing that should've been mentioned is the IRS deductions, which are deducted from the employees salary and the employer have to turn it over to the government every month.

    This % varies depending on the employee salary (gross + other stuff), marital status, number of kids, tax residency (continental Portugal or island) & disability. It can go from 0,1%-45,1%.

    The minimum wage doesn't pay this.

    The 14%-48% taxes referred in the video are the taxes applied on the income brackets once the income declaration is filled in the following year.

    Source: I'm a CPA

    This are the cost of hiring, there're others when setting up a proper company
    – Business insurance – depends on the business but pretty much all requires some kind of mandatory insurance
    – VAT – 4%-23% whether islands or continental
    – Income tax – 15%-21% + 1-1,5% on the profits

    I don't want to scare anyone, just making sure you make an informed decision.


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