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Swede Tries Answering USA Green Card Marriage Questions

We tried answering the USA Green Card Interview Questions! When you apply for an American Green Card based on marriage, you must first go through a series of interview questions with the US Government. In this video we try answering questions about each other!

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  1. Fun! You are cute! <3 Quite a Swedish type a couple! I've noticed that in American romantic movies it seems to be a sure sign of a huge, sincere love if you know how many lumps of sugar your partner wants in his/her coffee! Haha, guess almost no Swedish married men would know that about their greatest love! Can you make a video of such differences, men-women, and American-Swedish, or mixed culture couples, it would be entertaining! All the best!

  2. Hi, I wrote a less nice comment on another clip about your "American arrogance etc." BUT I have to say that you actually have humor and that is really important to me. Another thing I'm really happy about is that you don't have those stupid and childish " prank and revenge pranks on each other that just hurt or destroy your relationship. I need to see a few more clips and then I will definitely subscribe if you continue to deliver meaningful things. By the way I'm a Swede from Skåne.

  3. There is a trick in these tests: If all answers agree, they know you have arranged your answers. And then they investigate furthermore. But all in all these tests are impertinent (oförskämt)!

  4. We didn’t have to answer any questions.. I think the interviewer was a little taken back by my American husband’s and my fighting 😂 he said that the ‘report of an American born abroad ‘ certificate does not count as a birth certificate… uhm of course I was correct in that it Does!!

  5. Hi guys, I just discovered your programs about Sweden! Wow! Just love it! Have questions about moving to Sweden, just want to know couple details . May I ask you here, on this site, or you have some special site for questioning?
    Thank you, Marina from LA

  6. "…we've been dating for four years…"! And you have not married her yet? Don't wait too much longer, you need to make many beautiful babies together. Just saying.

  7. Not sure what types of questions they asked your friend but I sponsored my ex-husband , and we also went through the interview, which is standard. They asked us things like
    What kind of shower curtain we have? What kind of bedspread we had on the bed? How we celebrated each other‘s birthday in previous years? And the craziest one that my husband told me they asked him was What kind of shampoo I used.


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