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Grenada citizenship by investment: Pros and cons

Grenada citizenship by investment – pros and cons and the story behind this program is here.

Grenada was offering economic citizenship in the nineties but has since then withdrawn the program, only to release it again recently.

This is, in Andrew’s opinion, one of the more appealing second passports in the Caribbean, and this video will address all the selling points, as well as downsides of this CBI.

There are two ways to get Grenada citizenship, which is quite common for these programs – either through donation or by buying real estate.

It’s good to note that the price of individual donation has been reduced, but it’s still more expensive than some other Caribbean programs.

To find out more about other Caribbean citizenship programs, don’t miss this video:

One perk that sets Grenada apart from other citizenship programs is that they raised the age limit for dependent children to 30, which is quite unique.

When it comes to investing in real estate, you will need more money, but most importantly, the real estate you’re buying has to be CBI “approved”.

There are a decent number of options if you want to pursue this path, just find a developer that fits your needs best.

When it comes to Grenada passport, you get visa-free access to China and Russia, which not something any other economic citizenship program can offer.

To find out more about Grenada citizenship positive and negative sides, keep watching the video.

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  1. By the way, for either the single or family NTF donation fund for any of the Caribbean CBI programs, there is going to be at least 20,000 to 30,000 USD additional fees on top of the base donation amount – for application fees, processing fees, due diligence, lawyer and/or agent fees, etc. After doing much research, I discovered one has to pay at least 170,000 to 180,000 USD as a single applicant via NTF donation route to acquire the Grenada citizenship and even then, it’s going to be a headache because the amount of paperwork and proof they ask for is far more detailed and intrusive than some of the other Caribbean programs…and one might also have to pay extra due diligence fees, depending on their case. These are fees that should be mentioned everywhere for interested and potential clients to be fully informed but they’re not.

  2. Do you have any advice for me. I have US,Canada, and Japan citizenship, but I want to have 2 passports and. Japan doesn't allow dual after 22 and US citizenship is a burde


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