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Could Montenegro Be The EU's Next Member State? – TLDR News

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With the UK out, the EU’s looking for another 28th member – Montenegro is looking to fill that slot. So in this video, we’re explaining Montenegro’s application, why the country is looking to join and if they really could be the next EU nation.

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  1. We will be ready in 2 years for the membership. It's all up to the EU nations as to how fast will they ratify our request to join.

    If you didn't know, we're using Euro 💶 as a national currency ever since it was adopted.

    Our people look up to the EU nations, we consider EU to be a family of old European countries, and in general we think we should stick together politically, because the world is changing rapidly, new forces are rising and we should stick to nourish our unity.

    EU is a dream, that currently is going through the worst crisis: migrant crisis, terrorist threat, COVID and what not, but better times are coming. I'm an optimist. 🇲🇪❤️🇪🇺

    And as of March we have adopted every possible standard regarding the use of Euro as a currency. We and the Eurozone are perfectly aligned and fine 🙂 Further 25 chapters are going to be closed in the next few months after almost 15 years yes 15 years of negotiation process.

    We're expecting to join in either 2024/25.

  2. Montenegro is much more advanced country then some of already made Eu member states who didn’t have to go trough process of joining the EU , they were given it . Like Hungary , Poland , Bulgaria, Greece , Romania….
    So this is a prime example of EU hypocrisy! That’s why I believe EU project is going to fail . Bye

  3. EEA membership was supposed to be a stepping stone to full membership for Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. Interesting how they're no longer considered likely to be the most likely next members and how polls now show majorities against full membership in those countries. It seems the most enthusiasm for the EU is now in Eastern Europe.

  4. Wow , what a wonderful bonus for the Eu and eu population, yet another poor country will join the “ family “ . Will they pay in billions £€ for years like the Uk did for43 years ? Or will they be yet another financial drain on a few net contributors in the Eu .?

  5. If they really want to, they could easily fulfill the membership criteria (with a little guidance and support from the EU). I hope Montenegro is serious about joining (unlike Turkey which clearly has no intention of ever meeting even the most basic criteria).

    And as for Montenegro adopting the euro pre-emptively, well, that was a bit unfortunate (and cheeky), but the EU should have reacted more prompty and sharply when that happened. Now it seems too late to object, and in any case, it would be totally needless for Montenegro to spend a massive amount of money to switch its currency TWICE, just to follow the correct timline/protocol. Let's be pragmatic. 😉

  6. I remember being so confused when I asked the tour guide in Kotor if they were in the EU or not because everything was marked in Euros and he gave a short chuckle and a "no, its complicated" lolol

  7. Hahahahahahahahahaah No. First of all there's no "Montenegro". Second, independence was a mistake. Third, "Montenegro" was a project of one Milo Đukanovič to be powerful. And Fourth, "Montenegro" is still Serbia and Montenegro or Yugoslavia or just Serbia, a Serbia hostile to EU and the west. So, no darling. That "made-up" country is not going to join EU.

  8. Yep, my country Montenegro is desperate to join the EU. Hope that happens someday. People are losing hope we will ever join due to complex political situation and empty words from Brussels. Our politicians manipulate with EU promises, organised crime and corruption is widespread, but new government is trying to tackle it. Tourism is/was doing great pre-pandemic though. Huge potential both summer and winter tourism. Don't know. I think we should've joined years ago, but now, it's really hard to project. Early or mid 2030s maybe?

  9. Eu: you must hit specific targets to use the euro!
    Me: than how the f were Greece, Spain and italy able to join the euro? The targets mentioned must have been very flexible…

  10. As far as I recall, Montenegro came out of the Yugoslavia disasters without blood on their hands.
    If that is right (?) -could be they deserve EU membership.

  11. Europe as a whole can not survive as an independent region without high levels of cooperation on basically every level there is. The EU is without alternatives but not without flaws.
    It needs reforms. Let’s talk about what and how we want to implement them. This debate is long overdue.

    Too much of the formalized public discussion surrounding the EU seems to ( unconsciously) frame it as a strict, fully formalized entity while any supporter will know that large reforms to, for example, address old problems and adapt the current construction for future challenges and goals, are absolutely essential. We are talking about gigantic legal reforms, democratic empowerment of the elected parliament, Euro-zone – basically everything.

    We should, for instance, re-/define what membership means, what levels of membership the EU does and could theoretically offer and what decisions of the past were wise or foolish and how one can learn from this knowledge to adapt the EU in the coming decades. The idea of splitting certain sectors of the EU, to give you an idea, needs a lot more attention by us, the normal citizens of the memberstates, than the more flashy question of expansion which can basically be answered with:

    "Under the right circumstances, nearly anyone on the European continent ( even a nation like Russia – theoretically ) and possibly one day even beyond that (any democratic nation with a relatively similar economy and political system ) can join."

  12. Well, i am prety dissapointed. You didnt mention several key facts:
    1. Montenegrins are Serbs. We didnt come from Serbia. We live here cince the early middle ages. And the Serbian orhodox church is not new here, it is here since 12th century, and it is THE Orthodox church of Montenegro. The soo called Montenegrin Orthodox church was established as a company in a Police station, some time in 2006/7. It is headed by Miraš Dedeić, a former SOC priest kicked out for misconduct. He was paid to create a false entety due to him being asked by Milo Đukanović( a man who ruled Montenegro as a dictator for 30 years).
    2. You forgot to mention that in 2020 there were massive protests, yet peacfull, protests against the Law. Organised by the Church. At one point 250 000 people were protesting in one day, in a country of not even 700 000.
    3. The former goverments of Milo were HIGHLY corupt, and were/are into Drug and Ciggarete smuggling. The ruled for 30 years, and we have dept bigger than our GDP. Everething they could, the stole.
    4. The enterence into NATO and Recongnition of Kosovo were HIGHLY unpopular. 70% were against NATO(the bombed us in 1999) and 85% were against Kosovo. And as such, there is no shortage of people willing to reverse these decisions.
    5. There is not nearly as much pro Russian sentiment as you said. We love Russia but we are also Economicly dependant on them. We lost hundreds of millions of Euros due to us puting sanctions on them. We got no money back from EU or NATO.
    6. We want the EU, but also closer relations to Serbia, which is our closest friend. These relations were all but destroyed during the reing of Milo who demonised Serbs of Montenegro and Serbia, to take public attention away from coruption and low living standards. Serbia is also pro-EU but doesnt want to turn its back on Russia. I see no problem here.
    7. To clear: Montenegrins and Serbs of Serbia= Germans and Austrians( even closer).
    EU was endorsed by corrupt politicians and parties, and thus, people dont like EU that much. But still see it as a necesity. But there is no such love for NATO. Big diference.
    8. The pro-Serb parties dont have any members in the Goverment right now. This is due to the Goverment being made up by experts, not politicians, to help the Economy and fix the Pandemic.
    Ps. If you want to ask me anything, please fell free to do soo. You can also grow even without my sub.

  13. Montenegro … not even 1 million people ….. good for nothing but overpriced holidays ….. who cares ! We need to kick out Poland and Hungary!!!!!!! And get Bosnia, Kosovo and Albania in !!!! Along with Azerbaijan and Georgia !!!! Lots of countries with energy potential and ready for European investment


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