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BREAKING: Changes to Malta Citizenship by Investment

Malta’s citizenship by investment program is raising their price this summer. It’s the latest in a long line of good second citizenship programs that increased their requirements. To become Maltese, investors will now need to donate at least 750,000 euros, spend more time in Malta, buy a far more expensive property, and establish more “genuine links” to Malta.

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  1. I believe MALTA citizenship is the only citizenship that:
    1) can be acquired relatively quickly for that price (monaco, cayman all are lengthy processes)
    2) allows visa free/on arrival travel to most countries including US, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, UK
    3) does NOT TAX your foreign income unless you remit it to MALTA.

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

  2. Nice decision from the country executivesr, .How ever,business and investment are the easiest way to make money irrespective of which party makes it to the Oval Office.

  3. People who apply for these citizenships by donations are very wealthy; so the increase like 100k or 200k or even a total of one mil is a pocket money for them.

  4. thank you for this on Malta. I have a Maltaese passport and am considering setting up a company there. Do you know if income made outside or Malta (foreign income) is taxed. I read some years back it wasn't then I just read it was at 15% if remitted into Malta. Our Business is online with income from different countries. Look forward to getting your book

  5. you don't need to spend time in malta. Just buy a $600,000 usd home in malta and invest $200,000 K stocks and bonds.. you don't need to be there!! that 12 months Citizen is still there!! you don't need to spend even one day in malta if you buy outright a home!! I did that and got my malta passport within a year.. Gave up my US passport!!

  6. If you want a 2nd passport without getting bent over and slammed from behind, gotta think outside the box. Marriage will fast-track the process at no additional expense. Just something to think about.

  7. A very illogical and unethical move considering the current situation. I doubt they will stick to this new plan for long because it will not do well. If anything, I predict a lot of citizenship by investment programs will start reducing their fees within the next year or so and, eventually, it will be easier for people to legally acquire a new citizenship. Governments are now grasping at straws to avoid making the obvious and necessary concessions they will soon be forced to give in to. Malta is certainly not worth such a ridiculously hefty fee to be a citizen of. No country is, really.

  8. Basically you’re paying to be approved for naturalization with a reduced residency requirement. That is more convenient than having to be resident for five years first and hope to be approved through the normal process.

  9. If I was one of the mega rich I would go to a stable large country connected to mainland Europe. Options would be Greece, Italy, Spain or Portugal. Even better the UK ??

  10. Mega rich travelers mingle with the party goers all over the world ,aka easily virus ridden folks. Why would citizens want them in their country unless someone making mega euros.

  11. Amid the overwhelming pandemic, investors will make over $100,000 on passive income investments, hence I choose to be positive and would appreciate any insights on good investments that can fetch me profit on a monthly basis

  12. Was in Malta, didn't think much of it, entire place is a massive building site, not even pavements to walk on, you walk in the road along with the car's

  13. I have some inside news for you all from Malta .. currently there is a strong regime's change in politics and Malta is going to end it's passport system soon so be very careful before you apply check with some government officials for inside news

  14. I thought the Maltese CBI was too expensive to begin with. Now it's really absurd. Nevertheless, the politics of the situation is somewhat interesting.

  15. I'm Maltese and already live in Malta. When it comes to property we have seen almost an exponential increase in the property prices in the past 5 year. Basically the cheapest property you can buy (a one bedroom studio apartment in a decent location) would cost a minimum of euro 150,000 or a rental price of euro 600 per month. Due to Covid tourism is currently almost inexistent even though airports are open since 1st July, but this did not affect property prices as yet which remain stable.


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