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6% rental yields + free passport in Istanbul

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There are pockets of very interesting real estate investments in Istanbul, but most new buildings marketed to foreigners are overpriced and have very low yields.
The way to make money in Istanbul real estate is to go into middle class neighbourhoods in the vicinity of rich areas, buy older apartments, and renovate them completely. The price per m2 is much lower, and the yields better.
If you buy for $250,000 worth of Turkish real estate, you and your family are entitled to Turkish citizenship. So not only can you make a good investment, but you create a great Plan B for yourself.

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  1. back then the exchange rate was 1to7. now its 1 to 8.2. the investor lost 15% in just 4 months. furthermore putting money in a turkish bank pays 20% interests but turkish real estate returns 6%. am i missing something?

  2. Thank you for the video. Interesting package: citisenship and good value apartment in a beautiful city in a country full of potential


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