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What do you need to know about Golden Visa in Portugal / 2021

What is the Golden Visa?
What are the steps to obtain it?
What type of investments are you able to make?
It is true that Portugal will stop giving Golden Visas this year?

Find out these answers in my new video!
And feel free to ask me anything about it, I would love to help you!

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  1. Your Videos are very informative for people like me looking at Portugal as an Expat retirement destination. May Imake a polite comment. Your audio is not very clear and seems like coming from a room with echo or from a well. Perhaps a microphone right on your body will make your Vlog even more splendid. Hope youtake this as a constructive comment. Thanks!!

  2. Thanks for your presentation, very informative. Just wondering why you consider VC/ investment fund (only Portuguese funds allowed, not US funds?) low risk over properties? And also why 350k considered higher risk than 500k option?


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