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The Country with No Territory

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  1. So technically aren't they the smallest county? The Vatican has about 100 acres of land, hence the title of world's smallest country. But the order has 0 acres. 0 is smaller than 100 hahah

  2. Sounds like the time when my Crusaders Kings 2 game glitched out and I was a king without a kingdom, a commander without an army, and head of a religion that nobody believed in.

  3. Yes evil conspiracists often go around to war zones rendering aid to all sides. By the way how can Reagan and Bush be members they are not even Catholic, in fact both associated with organizations and groups that were rabidly anti Catholic. Shows the anti Catholicism of the US that we are one of the only major countries that do not recognize their passport.

  4. "Rick Santorum and other powerful political figures."

    Easily the most under-appreciated joke HAI has ever done. Santorum was a Republican Senator from Pennsylvania for two terms, before losing in the 2006 election to Democrat Bob Casey Jr. He then decided to run for President in the 2012 election, and amazingly won the Iowa caucus five years to the date after he left Congress. Of course, if you know anything about the Iowa caucuses or caucusing in general, you know it's an absolute archaic joke, and has next to nothing to do with deciding who each party's nominee will be. But Santorum's surprisingly good showing allowed him to get off to an early lead, before Mitt Romney's victories led him to end his campaign four months after Iowa. Then in 2016 he decided it would be smart to run again, for some reason, before finishing dead last in the Iowa caucuses amongst all eleven candidates and immediately suspending his campaign.

  5. Fun fact: The ISMoM had its own Air Force after WW2, when it was seen as more politically acceptable for what became democratic Italy's Air Force was 'branded' as part of the ISMoM until things calmed down a bit.

  6. They were in Malta for three centuries and it was in Malta where they gain their fighting Prestige and yes I'm Maltese so there it has a lot to do with Malta if you did your research there were heaps of invasions by the Ottomans and they defeated King Suleiman the Magnificent at the height of the Ottoman Empire the island of Malta is an island Fortress so saying it has nothing to do with Malta is an uninformed thing to say do your research and yes the night say they were the only ones defending the country but as we Maltese no there were many stories of civilians defending the country because it was theirs

  7. The area on which embassies sit is NOT exempt from the local law; the local law DOES apply there. However, the nation to which the embassy's territory belongs CHOOSES not to enforce its own law within the confines of the embassy in accordance with international customs. So you were only half as correct there, mate.


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