Home Residency in Schengen Portugal residency 👉 How to obtain Portugal residency by investment: cost, requirements

Portugal residency 👉 How to obtain Portugal residency by investment: cost, requirements

✔ Portuguese Golden Visa Program (Portugal Residency) –

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✔ Portuguese residency by investment in real estate.
Golden Residence Program (ARI / Residence permit for investment activity / Golden Visa) – is promoted by the Portuguese Government and offers the possibility for foreign citizens to request a residence permit in Portugal. What are the easily identifiable advantages of this program, and why is it popularity steadily growing? Firstly, geographic expansion, made possible by a residence permit issued by one of the European countries, allows respectable entrepreneurs to revitalize their business. Another reason is the prospect of investing in immovable property of one of the Southern European countries, and thus, keeping the funds invested and yielding a stable profit from renting it. And, of course, it never hurts to have a private accommodation by the Mediterranean Sea.

In this video, we’ll talk about the cost, the advantages and the timeframe of obtaining a Portuguese residency by investment also known as Golden Visa. We’ll also tell you how many visas have been issued under Portuguese Golden Residence Permit Program for 5 years.

0:17 – Cost of a Portuguese Golden Visa
1:24 – Terms of obtaining Portuguese residency by investment
2:26 – Advantages of a Portuguese residence permit
3:31 – Steps of applying for the Portuguese residency
4:07 – Qualifications
4:32 – Statistics


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  3. Good Evening Madam.I want to ask you something important for me.
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    Both of our passports have no husband-wife name in it. I have only government Marriage certificate. Reply me please????

  4. Two applicants apply on single investment for example 500000€ … For that after this investment two families get residency ..
    Open joint bank accouny
    Buy joint property ….

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